Well Pump Installation and Repair in Nashua

Is your old well pump putting your water supply at risk? Get an upgrade with well pump service from your pros at Paul The Plumber.

For many homeowners in and around Nashua, NH, living in more rural areas, well water is a normal part of life. You rely on your well to provide you with a consistent supply of clean water, which is why any damage to your well pump can be a challenge. Whether your well pump is older, has stopped working as efficiently, or simply isn’t able to keep up with your water demands, our plumbers can help. At Paul The Plumber, we offer expert well pump service, including repairs, replacements, and general inspections. With some help from our plumbers, you’ll be able to enjoy an efficient system again in no time!

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Choosing the Best Well Pump

A well pump is in constant contact with water and also uses a lot of power to operate on a daily basis. Because of this, they’re more susceptible to wear and tear and can leave your home stranded without water. If the time comes for a well pump replacement, finding a new unit that works for your home demands is essential. Some of the options to choose from include:

  • Shallow Well Pumps: These pumps are designed for wells that are 25 feet or less. They are often submerged in the well itself and are able to pull water up quickly when needed.
  • Deep Well Pumps: If you have an older or deeper well, smaller well pumps may not be able to pull up enough water for your home. Deep well pumps can help, however, and are rated for wells that are deeper than 35 feet.
  • Jet Pumps: Operated through suction, these pumps pull water up through the pipe and into your home. They can be mounted in or above the well and generally work for most standard wells.

A well pump installation should always be handled by an expert plumber. At Paul The Plumber, we offer a variety of well pump service and can also help you find the ideal pump for your well. We take the time to inspect your existing pump and the design of your well to find a unit that will provide you and your family with the right amount of water at a speed you can depend on.

Signs Your Well Pump Needs Repair

Like any mechanical system, a well pump will require repair from time to time. They’re especially susceptible, because depending on if your unit is submerged or not, they are in constant contact with water that can easily deteriorate components.

So how do you know well pump repair is needed outside of a unit not working? Other common symptoms include:

  • Low water pressure.
  • Sputtering water at your fixtures.
  • Higher than usual utility costs.
  • Foul-smelling water.
  • Cloudy or rust-colored water.

In most cases, your biggest concern is going to be a change in water quality. Whether your water has a cloudy look or smells bad, you should immediately call for help. Not only can this decline in water quality hurt your health, but also it can damage your plumbing and the well pump itself. At Paul The Plumber, we are your reliable Nashua, NH well pump plumbers. We’ll troubleshoot and diagnose your system and get your unit pumping again in no time!

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Reliable Well Pump Services

As a homeowner, it’s important to keep up with your plumbing system, in order to keep emergency issues at bay. Although wells are a great way to get local water in your home without the use of a city processing plant, it does open you up to its own challenges as well. Any change in performance from your well pump can leave you with contaminated water or worse, no water at all.

At Paul The Plumber, we are your reliable well pump service company. We offer both repairs and replacements and are also available for emergency care. No matter what plumbing issues you may be facing in your home, you can always count on our staff to keep the water on!

Has your well pump stopped working or is it making strange noises? Call us at 603-437-7039. At Paul The Plumber we are your reliable Nashua, NH well pump plumbers. From repairs to complete replacements, our staff is here to help!