Whole-House Generator Installation in Nashua, NH

We rely on electricity for more than entertainment. It’s an inconvenience when you can’t watch TV or play video games, but it is serious when your fridge starts to defrost, and your food goes bad. This is an unnecessary expense to replace the meat and vegetables that become inedible.

If you can’t charge your device, you can't stay connected with loved ones. Certain medical equipment relies solely on electricity. If you or a loved one uses medical equipment like this, you know how vital it is to have electricity at all times.

Power outages are a regular occurrence; we can’t control the weather, after all. Storms threaten to cause blackouts for days until damaged infrastructure can be fixed. However, you can be prepared.

Whole-Home Generator Installation in Nashua NH

Unexpected weather conditions can leave you in the dark. Don’t be caught off-guard. Call Paul the Plumber today to install a whole-house generator in your hometown of Nashua, NH. You could have your very own standby generator. A standby generator will automatically supply electricity when your home’s power supply is unavailable. As soon as your main power goes off during a blackout, the standby generator will become your primary power source until the electricity comes back.

Whole-home generators have a motor in a weatherproof box outside that is also sound-resistant, so you don’t have the noise pollution that generators are known for. A control panel is then installed and connected to your circuit breaker. This component will detect when the property’s main power is absent.

Our team of expert electricians will provide you with multiple options to choose from. Once you find the right one, our qualified installer will prepare the outdoor box fuel lines. Next, they will install the control panel and switch that turn the generator on.

Why You Should Have a Whole-House Generator

Generators may be considered a luxury that only the wealthy have. We are proud to tell you that you can get your own whole-home generator at an affordable price. The benefits are endless.

Keeps Important Household Appliances On

When the power goes off, so does your HVAC and water heater. During the hot summers and cold winters, you need your HVAC units. When storms disrupt the power grid, you don’t want to sit in an icy cold house with no warm water.


When your home is dark, it could be a target for theft and house break-ins. Not to mention the inconvenience of using torches to study, read and move around the house. Candles may be great for setting the ambiance, but they are also a fire hazard if you have small children or pets. With a whole-home generator, you can keep the lights on.

Medical Equipment and Health Monitoring Devices

Certain medical electronics need electricity at all times to run. You understand the importance of having constant electricity if you have a family member who uses one of these devices permanently. With a standby generator, these devices will perform with no interruption.

Refrigerators and Freezers

If you have a well-stocked refrigerator or freezer, the last thing you need is a power outage. You spent a lot of money on your groceries. If your refrigerator and freezer have no power, your meat and vegetables will go bad. This is such a waste of good food. If you are a resident of Nashua, Paul the Plumber is the most reliable whole-house generator installer near you.

Increase the Value of Your Property

If you are considering putting your house on the market in the future, don’t rule out a whole-home generator installation in your Nashua home. A generator will only add value to your property, allowing you to increase the price when you want to sell it. What’s more, you can enjoy it until you sell your home.

The Best House Generator Installation Company in Nashua, NH

If you are now convinced and looking for a whole-house generator installer near Nashua, NH, you have come to the right place. We have a team of highly trained electricians that will ensure that your generator is installed safely and electrically compliant. 

There are many types of generators to choose from. We know that each household is a different size and uses different amounts of energy. Our professionals will explain your options and ensure that you get a generator that will suit your needs. It is our goal to keep the lights on in the friendly neighborhood of Nashua.

Contact Paul the Plumber today and get your generator for when you really need it!