Air Conditioning Repair Services In Nashua

Finding a trustworthy, local company for AC repair services can be hard. Let the professionals at Paul The Plumber take care of your air conditioner maintenance.

As a homeowner, you want to maximize your home improvement and maintenance budget. This can be difficult to manage when unexpected breakdowns occur with your home’s central AC. Furthermore, as utility costs rise, it is increasingly important that your home’s air conditioning system is working at peak efficiency. Paul The Plumber offers a variety of services aimed at keeping your Nashua, NH air conditioner running efficiently at a low cost. By taking advantage of AC repair and maintenance services you can ensure that your utility bills stay low and your AC equipment continues to operate for its expected lifespan.

Want to improve the air quality in your home? Be sure to find out how an air filter replacement can keep your home and family comfortable.

Do You Need AC Repair?

While you should always leave the AC repairs to the experts, it’s still important to know when it’s time to call one. In many cases, homeowners won’t schedule a call until your air conditioner stops working altogether. Not only does this leave you with an emergency on your hand, but also it can lead to way more expensive repairs.

Instead, pay attention to the more common warning signs that your air conditioner is close to a repair. This includes:

  • Dirty Filter: Dirty filters are the most common, and preventable, problem that your air conditioner will have. Dirty filters allow grime to gum up your coils and collect inside your ducts.
  • Longer Cooling Cycles: If you notice that your air conditioning system is staying on for longer than usual, it is a sign that it is low on refrigerant. As it runs longer, your utility bills will go up but because the system is not operating efficiently, you won’t stay as cool.
  • Flooding: All AC units have drain lines for condensation. Over time, these lines can clog up and cause water to back up into your home, causing flood damage.
  • Musty Smell: As air blows through the dirty coils and ducts it can blow that grime right back into your home. If allowed to accumulate it can even spawn mold growth inside your ducts.

All of these are signs your air conditioner has been neglected and is in need of a tune-up. The technicians at Paul The Plumber can come out to your house and replace filters, check your thermostat, inspect your ducts, check refrigerant levels and clean your outdoor coil.

Perks of Air Conditioner Maintenance

Scheduling an air conditioner tune-up is the first step you can take to set a maintenance program for your air conditioner back on track. The truth is, most homeowners don’t take AC maintenance seriously.

Air conditioner maintenance is the single most important action you can take to get the most out of your air conditioning system. Routine maintenance will:

  • Ensure your air quality is good by replacing filters routinely.
  • Prevent floods in your home by keeping drain lines clear.
  • Lubricate all moving parts.
  • Test the performance of blower motors.

As filters get dirty, it places a bigger load on the blower fan. As the load increases, the blower motor has to work harder to keep up with demand. Harder work means higher utility bills and an increased likelihood of premature failure.

Even with the best care, at some point, your air conditioner may require replacement. We offer a wide range of options and can help you through the entire AC installation process.

Your Air Conditioning Experts

Failure to get a tune-up or perform routine maintenance may lead to the worst-case scenario, system failure. System failures can also happen due to the age of the equipment. Paul The Plumber is an air conditioning service company that can respond to any of your needs. Whether you need a component replaced or a new system installed, we can help. Our company is staffed with skilled technicians and troubleshooters to diagnose and fix the problem quickly.

At Paul The Plumber we know cost is always a factor in choosing a company for central AC repair. That’s why we always offer upfront pricing and a two-year warranty on parts and labor.

If you have an AC emergency or would simply like to start giving your AC the attention it deserves, call Paul The Plumber in Nashua, NH at 603-578-1100. Invest in the life expectancy of your air conditioner and see the returns on your utility bills today.