How Can Sealing Air Leaks Help Your Home?

One of the things that happen to homes over time is that they become less airtight. Air can infiltrate around windows and doors that aren’t sealed properly. These drafts are uncomfortable and they cost you hundreds of dollars in extra heating or cooling costs. In the summer months, your air conditioning is working hard to


Leaky Pipes Are Burst Pipes

A leaky pipe is just a leaky pipe, right? Unfortunately, that is not the case. A leaking pipe can turn into a bust pipe very quickly. Unfortunately, if you are away from home, or on vacation, you could be in for a world of trouble. Many homeowners do not take a leak in their pipes


Tips for Keeping Your Outdoor Fixtures in Top Shape

Our homes shelter us from the harsh effects of the seasons and the environment. Living in one ensures that we don’t have to suffer conditions such as brutal storms, extreme heat, or freezing cold weather. All that stops once we are safe inside our comfortable abodes. Unfortunately, the effects of the environment still take its