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Paul The Plumber is your residential plumbing expert! We offer a variety of plumbing services and are available 24/7 for all your plumbing emergencies.

There are many aspects and appliances that add to a working home, but one of the most important parts of any residence is the plumbing system. And because it’s made up of a complicated network of piping and appliances and fixtures, when something goes wrong with your plumbing, it can be a pain. Luckily, Paul The Plumber is your reliable Manchester, NH plumbing service company. We can help you with everything from a new bathtub to sewer line replacements. You can count on our experts for honest advice, transparent pricing, and a long-lasting solution.

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Dealing with a plumbing issue that simply can’t wait until morning? Our staff is available 24/7 for all your emergency plumbing needs.

Why Have Your Drains Professionally Cleaned?

The drains in your plumbing system play an important role in your home. Without them, your plumbing would be unable to remove wastewater and other impurities from your plumbing. This is why it can be so important to keep your drains clean and working well. Some of the ways a professional drain cleaning can help your home’s plumbing system include:

  • Eliminates slow drains.
  • Clears clogs.
  • Eliminates foul drain odors.
  • Identify potential plumbing issues.
  • Reduces plumbing emergencies.

Having your drains cleaned and inspected regularly is an essential part of maintaining your home’s plumbing system and keeping your entire home comfortable and safe for you and your friends and family.

What Counts as a Plumbing Emergency?

If plumbing issues pose a threat to your home's structural integrity or your family's health, it’s an emergency. Some things, like clogged toilets or leaky faucets, can be irritating, but they can often wait to be fixed during regular business hours. But the following list includes issues that should be counted as an emergency:

  • Flooding: A broken water line can quickly flood your home, sometimes in only minutes, causing severe damage to your home and property.
  • Hidden Leaks: Any leaking in your walls can lead to costly repairs. These leaks encourage mold and mildew growth, which can aggravate asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues. They could also damage your ceiling, walls, and floor, leading to more expensive repairs.
  • Back-ups: If your home’s sewer line backs up, it can quickly become a sanitary nightmare. Sewage backups can cause harmful bacteria to invade your family’s home, leading to potential illness, not to mention costly repairs.
  • Gas Leaks: Natural gas is a great way to power the different appliances in your home - as long as it’s cared for properly. A gas leak not only poses an explosion risk if exposed to an open flame but also it can cause carbon monoxide poisoning, a life-threatening situation.

In any of these emergency situations, you should contact our plumbing contractors at Paul The Plumber. We are your expert Manchester, NH emergency plumbing company. From burst pipes to gas leaks, we’ll arrive at your home quickly, and get your system back up and running in no time!

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and fully remodel your bathroom, then check out our bathroom remodeling services!

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Your home’s plumbing system is a complicated network of items, which means when one of them breaks down, they often have a larger impact. This is why plumbers spend so much time perfecting their craft and understating how to best install, repair, and replace any aspects of a home’s plumbing system. At Paul The Plumber, we’ve been serving homeowners in and around the area for over 20 years. When you work with us you can expect quality craftsmanship and service with a smile!

Map of Hudson, NH
Tyler G.

Tyler G.

Disassembled piping to oil tank, pumped down and removed oil tank. Installed new oil tank and re piped fill and vent and filled back up with oil. Installed tiger loop set up and connected to burner. Spray foamed oil fill and vent holes.

Near Greeley St, Hudson, NH 03051

Map of Nashua, NH
Steven  F.

Steven F.

Provided an estimate to replace forced air heating system.

Near Warner St, Nashua, NH 03063

Map of Derry, NH
Brenton P.

Brenton P.

Arrived to install temp water heater. Due to the spacing for the washer and dryer, and preference of the customer. I then cut in another valve for the combination boiler on the domestic water side and then hooked the water heater up to the service ports on the system. From here the water heater was purged of air and the unit was ran through the home. I then went to test the system and found there to be low water pressure at the nearest fixture (kitchen) this was due to sediment being in the fixture. After this the water heater was plugged in and waited until there was heat at the tank.

Near Reuben Rd, Derry, NH 03038

Map of Concord, NH
Brenton P.

Brenton P.

Arrived to find that the customer is remodeling the home and while putting up the trim boards in the bathroom a nail went through the main water supply for the home. After accepting the estimate I then removed that section of piping back to the closet and installed a new line. Once inplace I found that the stop for the toilet was not in great condition and replaced it as well. Once all work was done the water was turned back on and tested. All things worked well with no leaks, 2 year warranty on all parts and labor provided. Before any work was started I found that the water meter is leaking from the base and let the customer know that they will need to reach out to the water supplier to have the unit serviced/replaced.

Near Whitewater Dr, Concord, NH 03303

Map of Barnstead, NH
Brenton P.

Brenton P.

Arrived to find that the customer has an off brand shower valve that is not allowing for more hot water to flow through. After opening the plunger valves and seeing that the mixing control was maxed to hot I then stated that the best route would be to install a name brand valve that would allow for easier repairs down the road. I also informed them that the water heater needed a mixing valve to comply with New Hampshire code. We also discussed the option of installing a booster pump in the home to increase water pressure.

Near Peacham Rd, Barnstead, NH 03225

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