Furnace maintenance & inspection Services in Derry, New Hampshire

Cost-effective furnace services in Derry, NH.

During the winter months of the year, it is important to invest in regular Furnace Maintenance and Inspection Services. These services can help ensure a unit continues to work efficiently, regardless of how cold the temperatures get outside.

While investing in furnace maintenance and inspections is great, issues can still arise. Knowing the signs of a furnace problem is the best way to know when it is time to call for help. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of ongoing furnace services in Derry, NH below.

Strange Sounds

It is important to listen carefully to the sounds coming from the furnace. If there is a loud bang when it comes on, it may mean the burners need to be cleaned. If there are howling or whistling noises while it is turned on, it may mean the fuel supply going to the burners is restricted for some reason. A professional can determine the issue and take the right steps to fix the problem.

Higher Than Normal Energy Costs

If a homeowner is surprised by a higher-than-normal energy bill this winter, it is a sign that the furnace may need to be maintained. If there are parts that are clogged by dirt or worn down, it means the heating system will not operate efficiently. If the heating system uses more power than usual to heat the home, it is an indication that it is not as efficient and needs to be inspected by the pros.

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Strange Smells from the Furnace

Smelling dust when the furnace comes on is normal. The dust on the heating elements will burn off as the home starts to heat up. However, more unpleasant odors, such as burning oil, rubber, or smoke, are not normal. These bad odors need to be investigated, as they may present a more serious safety hazard. If the furnace is continually producing strange smells, it is a good idea to contact professionals to solve the problem before it worsens or causes health issues for people living in the home.

Carbon Monoxide Leaks

If carbon monoxide is leaking into a home, it can create a hazardous situation. Therefore, those living in the home must take time to protect everyone inside from this colorless and odorless gas that can be deadly. With mild carbon monoxide poisoning, a person may experience nausea, dizziness, or headaches. However, more serious situations may require someone to be hospitalized or even die.

If a homeowner does not have a carbon monoxide detector in their home, they should look at the flame's color present in their furnace. The carbon monoxide gas produced when the oil or gas is not burned completely. Make sure the flame looks blue. If it is yellow, it means the furnace is producing carbon monoxide. This is a serious situation and one that needs to be addressed right away. When the carbon monoxide detector goes off in a home, it may mean the heat exchanger in the system is cracked. This can result in the release of deadly gas into the home. Get to a safe location and call a plumber for immediate help and repairs.

Inability to Maintain the Home’s Temperature

The furnace should be able to keep all the rooms in the home at a constant and comfortable temperature when the weather gets cold. If there are some rooms in a home that feel colder than the others, or if someone has to adjust the thermostat to feel warm constantly, the heating system should be evaluated right away. If the home’s design is at-fault for some rooms being too warm or too cold, consider investing in a zoned heating system. Professional furnace maintenance and inspection services in Derry, NH, can also help with this common issue.

More Dust Than Usual

Pay attention to the indoor air quality of the home. Dusty or dry air may be an indication that the system needs a tune-up. If a furnace is older or has clogged air filters, it can impact a person’s comfort and health. When someone in the house deals with dry skin, a dry nose, or allergy symptoms, it is a good idea to make sure the furnace is working properly.

When it comes to furnace issues, there are more than a few factors to consider and be aware of. Be sure to keep the tips and information here in mind to restore the system to property and efficient operation. Being informed is the best way to ensure a furnace continues to work properly.

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