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Boiler Repair Services are required when a homeowner notices a change in the system’s energy efficiency or heating performance. There may also be visual signs of component failure, such as leakage. While this is true, many people aren’t sure when to call the professionals for boiler repair services in Derry, NH.

It is important to note that boiler heating is a process that involves high temperatures, flammable natural gas, and pressure. For safety reasons, relying on a DIY diagnosis may not be the best course of action. Making sure the system is one at the thermostat and that it is set to the right temperature, along with bleeding air out at certain radiators when necessary, is the best way to handle these situations. While this is true, professional boiler repairs may also be needed. Keep reading for some of the top signs it is time to call for professional boiler services in Derry, NH.

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No Heat

If a boiler is not producing any heat, it may be caused by air in the systems or a failure of the circulation pump and valves. The issue may also be an issue with the thermostat and a loss of water level.

Signs of Water Leakage

There are several possible sources where water can be leaking out of a boiler system. Some can be repaired for more affordable prices. Others can lead to expensive component failure.

Strange Sounds

In most cases, the boiler in a home needs to operate quietly. It may indicate an issue somewhere if there are gurgling, whistling, banging, or rumbling sounds. The only way to know for sure what the problem is is to hire a boiler technician. They can figure out what and how serious it actually is. For example, if there are built-up mineral deposits in the system or if the air is getting into the system, these problems can cause the system to be noisy or really loud.

Pilot Light That Won’t Remain Lit.

If the boiler's pilot light does not remain lit, it could be due to a defective thermocouple that shuts off the supply of gas. This is a safety issue, so it is best to have the professionals handle the problem. Calling someone for boiler repair right away will minimize issues and help ensure the problem does not come back.

Low Water Pressure

Every boiler must have a minimum water pressure amount. If the pressure falls below this level, a safety cutoff switch can turn the boiler off automatically. Some issues that cause lower pressure range from air leaks into the system to issues present in the expansion tank.

Radiators That Don’t Fully Heat

If there is air in the system, there are a few possible causes, or sludge build-up may be responsible. Investing in a full system bleed, along with chemical flushing, is something that may be needed.

Troubleshooting Tips for a Boiler

Before deciding to call the professionals for boiler repair, a person can try a few easy troubleshooting steps. Some of these can be found here.

Check the Thermostat

While this may seem obvious, many people call for professional repairs only to discover the thermostat was not set correctly. Be sure the correct setting is selected. If not, change it.

Check for Defective Circuit or Electrical Failure

If someone has a newer boiler and an LCD screen, the first step is to see if it is lit and get power. If not, there may be a defective circuit board or electrical failure. If the screen is lit up, be sure to check for any error messages or fault codes that are displayed. Write these down and give them to the technician who comes to make the needed repairs.

Check the Pilot and Gas Light

The main gas valve at the boiler needs to be in the “open” position. If it is not in this position, call a professional to find out why. If work was recently done on the unit, it might have been closed accidentally. Ensure the reason it is in the off position before turning the gas back on to the unit.

When it comes to furnace issues, several things may go wrong. Knowing when to call for professional’s services will help ensure that proper function is restored. While this will require a homeowner to pay a repair bill, it will be well worth it in the long run and help a system continue to operate efficiently. Being informed and knowing when to call for help will minimize more serious issues and help keep repair costs as low as possible.

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