Generator Repair in Derry, New Hampshire

A whole-home generator can be a great way to keep your home’s lights on and more whenever the grid goes down unexpectedly. Here in Derry, NH, we have to deal with both the remnants of tropical blasts and intense winter storms. These events can leave people without power for days and are just a couple of the reasons power can go out.

The team at Paul the Plumber should be your go-to choice for any whole-home generator repair in Derry, NH. We can get your home generator back up and running again quickly so that you have reliable power when you need it most.

Do You Need Standby Generator Repair?

Whole-home generator maintenance is one area in which most homeowners won’t have much experience. As such, it can be difficult to tell when it’s the right time to call in an electrician. There are certain situations you should keep an eye out for that will tell you when it’s time to seek out generator repair near you.

Visible Signs of Damage

While most whole-home generator maintenance takes expert skill to carry out, homeowners can always check for any visible damage. If you see signs like loose or frayed wires, something is likely wrong. Don’t try to repair it yourself. 

Start-Up Delays

Your on-demand generator should be just that: on-demand. If you notice that your generator doesn’t kick in right away during an outage, then something could be wrong with it. While it might be working for now, whatever is causing this delay could lead to more serious damage further down the line.

Fluctuating Power

A properly sized residential generator should provide your home with a steady and reliable source of power during an outage. If you notice lights flickering or your generator cannot supply enough power to run appliances that it should be able to support, you should call a generator repair company to find out what’s wrong.

No Electricity

Whether your generator won’t start at all or is running but not putting out power, you should call Paul the Plumber right away for expert whole-home generator repair service. We can quickly diagnose the issue and restore your power as quickly as possible.

Strange Noises or Smells

There shouldn’t be any smells or excess noise coming from your generator. If there are, it could be a sign of a gas or exhaust leak, both of which are serious safety hazards. 

Should you notice strange smells or noises, you ought to shut off your generator to avoid damage and ensure safety, then call Paul the Plumber for whole-home generator repair near Derry, NH.

Why Does My Whole-Home Generator Need Repairs?

Your whole-home generator is a complex piece of equipment that relies on many individual components to work effectively. While these components are robust and durable, they can still become damaged over time due to regular wear and other causes.

When the licensed electricians at Paul the Plumber respond to a call for whole-home generator repair in Derry, NH, we carefully evaluate all of these components in order to provide repairs that really fix the root problem.

In many cases, the issue at hand is a worn-out belt or another mechanical issue. Fuel issues are also common due to leaks or other problems with fuel lines. There’s also the matter of the oil and coolant that ensure that your generator runs properly.

If your standby generator doesn’t start at all, there’s a decent chance that you’re dealing with a dead battery. Because they only kick in once the power is off, generators rely on batteries to start up. You could need a replacement battery or other electrical components.

Unfortunately, many of the whole-home generator repairs we provide are needed due to a lack of effective maintenance. Whole-home generators require regular upkeep to ensure that everything is working right, and ignoring these maintenance requirements can lead to many issues and repairs that could have been avoided.

Professional Whole-Home Generator Repair

It’s always best to go with the professionals when it comes to electrical work, and that’s definitely the case when it comes to standby generators. Whether you have a gas, diesel, or propane generator, you need the reliable safety that comes from working with professionals.

With Paul the Plumber, you’re getting professional repairs from licensed and insured electricians. We can provide effective repairs for all makes and models of standby generators. If you need whole-home generator repair in Derry, NH, giveus a call to get it running again sooner.