Boiler Repair & Replacement in Nashua

If you are in need of boiler repairs, Paul The Plumber can help. We offer timely service and expert advice for your peace of mind.

Boiler service can all be dangerous if they are not done correctly, but can also leave your Nashua, NH home with uncomfortable temperatures. If your boiler is broken and you need to get it repaired or replaced, make sure that you leave it up to a trusted boiler replacement company such as Paul The Plumber. We are dedicated to providing homeowners with the home services they need. We are always on time for our appointments and offer honest advice to help you make the most of your boiler repair and installation needs.

Dealing with an emergency heating issue in your home? Our technicians are available and can work to get your home back up and running quickly.

Signs Your Boiler Needs to Be Repaired

If you are in need of boiler repair in Nashua, Paul The Plumber can help. Here is a list of boiler warning signs to look out for. By addressing symptoms before a complete breakdown, it can help you avoid emergency repair.

  • Making Weird Noises: Your boiler may make noises sometimes, but if it is louder than usual this is a bad sign to look out for that could indicate there is something wrong.
  • Higher Bills: If the boiler is not working properly it may run up the utility bills in the process of attempting to heat the water.
  • No Hot Water: If you are having trouble getting hot water out of your boiler, it means that it needs to either be repaired or replaced.

At Paul The Plumber, we are your boiler repair experts. From detailed troubleshooting to long-lasting repair, we can help get your system back up and running at its best for years to come.

When Should You Replace Your Boiler?

After a while, it will be time to replace your boiler. All home appliances have a lifespan and a boiler is no limit. These units can last a long time if you take care of them correctly, but sometimes it is more cost-effective to simply replace the entire boiler instead of continuously replacing individual parts and calling back the boiler technician. Here are a few ways to know when you should replace your boiler.

  • It Is Older Than Fifteen Years: The typical lifespan of a boiler is about fifteen years. You can sometimes get twenty years of use out of a boiler if you take good care of it.
  • It Needs Constant Repairs: If you are always calling a repairman for your boiler, you may want to consider replacing it. A new boiler can actually save you money in terms of savings on utility bills and repairs.
  • It Costs Too Much Money: After a while, the clear solution is to replace the boiler to save money. If the boiler is running up the utility bills, then getting a new one will actually save money over time. You will also save money on repairs and maintenance because you will not have to keep replacing old parts.

A new unit will heat up faster and more efficiently. One of the best things about upgrading to a new boiler is that it will use less energy than an older model, which makes it better for the environment. You will enjoy better performance along with savings on your utility bills. If you are used to listening to noises from a loud old boiler, you will also love how quiet a new one is.

We also offer heating alternatives including heat pumps and geothermal heating systems, helping you find the perfect solution for your home comfort.

Your Boiler Experts

Working on a boiler yourself is a bad idea because the hot water is dangerous. DIY boiler repair is a good way to burn yourself or get hurt in another way. Another danger that is associated with DIY repairs is that you may accidentally void the warranty that is on the boiler from the manufacturer by working on it yourself. The best way to safely repair a boiler is to call in a professional, such as one of the trusted technicians at Paul The Plumber. We have made it easy to schedule a service appointment with us around your schedule.

Is your boiler in need of boiler repair or replacement in your Nashua, NH home? Call Paul The Plumber at 603-578-1100. We offer boiler repair and replacement options throughout the area!