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If you are continually having to call for air conditioner repairs and your system seems more trouble than it’s worth, the solution may be as easy as investing in maintenance every year. Air conditioners, like many other appliances, are not designed to be able to withstand constant use without proper upkeep. With the frequent use that is necessary during the warmest part of the summer in Derry, it is important to protect your system. Paul the Plumber offers the best maintenance services for customers who are searching for “AC tune-up near me.”

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The Importance of Regular Maintenance for Your AC

Preventative AC maintenance, which includes items such as cleaning and inspections, is extremely beneficial for your system, and this has a positive impact on your budget as well. Emergency repairs are more common in systems that have not had regular service. Repairs are almost always more expensive than routine maintenance, especially if the service is needed after hours. Maintenance is a good way to prevent the majority of these incidents, saving you from the stress and expense of these repairs.

Maintenance for your air conditioner will also help you to get the most out of your system. You will be able to get a few more years out of your system before having to replace it, and it will be more affordable to run. Maintenance keeps your system from wasting energy leading to lower utility costs and a much cooler home.

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AC Unit Inspections

Inspections are an important part of our AC maintenance in Derry because they allow us to find small problems before they cause serious damage to the system. Many repairs can be prevented through the simple expedient of giving the system a quick check each year. At Paul the Plumber, we inspect your system from top to bottom. We focus on checking safety devices, inspecting the condensing unit and indoor coil, inspecting and emptying the drain pain, checking the drain line for leaks, clogs, or other problems, and inspecting the blower for wear and tear or a lack of lubrication. We also check refrigerant lines and the thermostat and we make sure there is proper airflow coming from the vents.

It is also important that we check electrical connections for safety. If electrical connections are loose, they can cause a fire hazard. We will tighten any loose connections and check the whole system for safety.

AC Unit Cleaning

A clean air conditioner is a happy air conditioner, and we make sure our customers have the cleanest AC systems in Derry with our AC cleaning services. We clean your system inside and out, including the control panel, outdoor condensing unit, blower motor, evaporator coil, and filter. When we are done, there will be no dust or grime inhibiting the smooth operation of your system.

Tune-Ups at Paul the Plumber

The best way to have your system cleaned and inspected is to accomplish both through our AC tune-ups at Paul the Plumber. We make it easy for our customers by combining more than 20 different services in one compact and quick appointment. Our tune-ups take less than two hours, and your system will be cleaned, inspected, adjusted, lubricated, and tested for optimal function. An AC tune-up should be performed once a year before summer comes so that you can be comfortable as soon as the weather turns warm.

Choosing Paul the Plumber

Paul the Plumber is one of Derry’s most trusted maintenance providers, and for good reason. We do our utmost to ensure customer satisfaction by prioritizing continued education in our technicians, keeping our prices low, and always being on time for appointments. When you call us for service, whether for an AC repair or routine maintenance, you can trust that the job will get done right. If you are searching for “AC maintenance near me”, spend some time researching our services at Paul the Plumber.

Membership and Paul’s Promise Plan

To make AC tune-up Derry more affordable and reliable, we offer our Complete Home Comfort Membership. Our membership includes a 3-year warranty for parts and labor, yearly tune-ups, repair discounts, and guaranteed emergency service with priority scheduling. You can choose between our monthly plan starting at $12.50/mo, or our annual plan starting at $150/yr.

A lot of good can be done by scheduling maintenance for your air conditioner. If you live in Derry, and your air conditioner needs a little TLC, call Paul the Plumber to have your system revitalized today.

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