Panel Installation in Derry, New Hampshire

Your electrical panel is a vital part of your home's electrical system. All of the electricity that enters your home flows through your electrical panel. So when your circuit breaker box starts to show signs of damage or advanced age, it's not a smart idea to try to repair or replace it yourself. Instead, turn to the professionals at Paul the Plumber to take care of all your electrical panel needs. 

What Is an Electrical Panel?

Electrical panels are essentially the control center for the electricity in your home. The electricity that enters your home from your power provider is divided and transferred to the various circuits throughout your home via your electrical panel. 

When you open your electrical panel, you should see one or more rows of switches. These are called breakers – they are what control the flow of electricity to their respective circuits. 

Electrical Panels vs. Fuse Boxes

If you see colored knobs instead of switches, your home has a fuse box instead of an electrical panel. Fuse boxes were more common before 1960 but have mostly fallen out of fashion. They don't allow for as much amperage, and they are harder and more expensive to service. That's why we recommend upgrading to an electrical panel if your Derry home currently has a fuse box. 

Luckily, our local experts take care of all of the grunt work to make it simple for you to upgrade to an electrical panel.  

When to Call Our Team for a Repair or Panel Upgrade

Since the average homeowner isn't an electrical expert, you may not know when to call in the professionals. What you dismiss as a slight inconvenience may be a warning sign of impending electrical problems. Some symptoms to look out for that indicate the need for professional services include:

  • Frequently flicking lights
  • Repeated tripped breakers
  • Frequent power surges
  • Humming or buzzing sound coming from the panel
  • The circuit breaker box is warm to the touch 
  • Unusual burning smell
  • Scorch marks on outlets
  • Sparking outlets
  • Its electrical capacity doesn't meet your needs
  • Your home has a fuse box 

When in doubt about your electrical panel, give us a call. One of our professional residential electricians can inspect your home's electrical system and tell you what they find. If faulty wiring is the culprit, it is possible to fix or replace the breaker box wiring without replacing your entire panel. 

Professional Electrical Panel Replacement Near You

If your circuit breaker box can't be repaired or can no longer meet your needs, we will be there with an appropriate replacement and professional care. No job is too big for our team, even when there's a lot of complicated wiring. 

When you schedule an electrical panel replacement with us, one of our local electricians will carefully disconnect and remove the outdated panel and then install and meticulously wire your new, modern electrical panel. There's nothing for you to do or worry about, and we never leave behind a mess for you to clean up. 

Other Electrical Services We Offer

At Paul the Plumber, we are proud to be a full-service company. That's why we go beyond performing just electrical panel installations near Derry, NH and offer other electrical services, such as:

  • Electrical repairs and installation
  • Outlet repair and replacement
  • Wiring upgrades
  • Electrical troubleshooting
  • Generator installation, repair, and maintenance 
  • Electrical inspections

No matter what is going on, our local electricians will get to the bottom of it. 

Top of the Line Service

When you choose us for your electrical panel installation in Derry, NH, you can rest easy knowing that your home is in the best hands around. All of our local residential electricians are fully licensed, insured, and bonded, so your home is fully protected. Additionally, all of our services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you'll never be left unhappy with our work. 

Electrical Panel Installation in Derry, NH

Our dedicated team of experts has been serving your Derry neighbors since 2002. In that time, we've grown to be Derry's premier home service company. Sure, there are other companies that offer electrical panel installation near you, but none of them can beat our level of service. When you want prompt, reliable, professional, and affordable care, there's simply no one else to turn to. 


If your home's electrical panel is giving you grief, Call Paul the Plumber today for the expert solutions you need.