Whole-House Generator Repair in Nashua, NH

Nashua, New Hampshire, experiences terrible storms. These storms lead to power outages that can last for days. Going a couple of hours without electricity may not feel so bad, but anything more can be catastrophic. Without electricity, you can’t charge phones and other connectivity devices. This can be serious when you need to reach someone in an emergency. 

If you have a generator, you know how much you need it during these blackouts. Enduring them without your backup power source would be a terrible experience. With Paul the Plumber, you can be sure that your generator will always be in tip-top shape. We have an outstanding team of qualified electricians ready to assist you with all your generator-related problems.

The Best Whole-House Generator Repair Services in Nashua, NH

Sadly, as with most systems, generators need repairs every once in a while. Especially in areas where they are used often, generators become worn out and may need some TLC. Common generator issues are worn belts, fuel leaks, low fuel, old coolant or oil, dead battery, or a lack of proper maintenance. 

If you are on the lookout for a company that does generator repair near you, look no further – Paul the Plumber has the best team to take care of all your generator repairs.

Signs that Your Generator Needs a Repair

Delayed Start-Up

If your generator takes longer than usual to start up when the power goes off, something is likely wrong with it. Although it eventually starts up, you should have this checked out in case it is something more serious that will only worsen over time. Your generator should be starting up instantly. If it does not start up instantly, call us for whole-home generator repairs near Nashua, NH. Your generator could have a dead battery. Since there is no power when your generator needs to start up, it relies on a battery for the initial start-up. This can simply be replaced. 

Unstable Power

If your lights are flickering when your generator is on, likely, that it cannot provide enough power to supply your whole home. Your generator may be too small to keep up with the power demand of your household, or it could be an internal fault. Call us today to get to the bottom of your problem. 

Damaged Components

If your generator is not performing as well as it should, you can do a quick inspection before calling an expert. Frayed wires or other damage to the exterior are clear signs that your generator needs repair. If you see signs of visible damage or obstruction, call a professional electrician to get your generator back up and running. 

No Power

If your generator starts up but doesn’t supply electricity, or won’t start at all, call us right away. Our specialists will be able to identify the problem in no time! 

Unusual Noises and Smells

If there are strong, unpleasant smells and loud noises coming from your generator, you could have a gas or exhaust leak. These leaks are dangerous and should be fixed immediately. If you notice any of these noises or smells, do not use your generator until it has been repaired. Continued use will damage your generator or even put your loved ones at risk. Call Paul the Plumber immediately for the most safety-conscious whole-house generator repair services near Nashua, NH.

Nashua, NH’s Expert Home Generator Repair Services

We will run a series of evaluations to find the cause of the problem if your whole-home generator is not performing as it should. A generator is a complicated system with many working parts. Any of the components within the system could be malfunctioning. 

At Paul the Plumber, we also recommend regular generator maintenance. As with all systems that work hard, generators must be well-maintained for the best results. If you would like to schedule a generator service, call us! We will ensure that your generator is in working order when you need it most. Lack of maintenance is the primary reason for frequent repairs. If your generator isn’t cleaned and serviced regularly, it can shorten its service years. Poorly maintained generators usually need a premature replacement if a repair can’t fix the issue. 

Professionals are Always the Best Bet

A DIY quick fix is not the way to repair a generator effectively. It takes years of experience to master the art of repairing and installing whole-house generators.

Ensure that your whole-home generator gets the care it deserves by contacting us for all your generator needs!