Paul's Promise Plan

Your plumbing systems deserve some TLC! Not just because they are one of the most important aspects of upholding a functional home, but because getting regular inspection and maintenance can save you a whole lot of hassle and money in the long run.

By investing in your plumbing systems, small repairs are caught before they become larger and more expensive issues. Plus, you save money by keeping your plumbing fixtures and appliances working longer, reducing the frequency of costly replacements.

Paul's Protection Plan - Paul The Plumber

What Does the Plan Include?

For $129 a year, you receive one free home plumbing inspection and exclusive discounts on any repairs.

  • Emergency priority service*
  • Free home plumbing system inspection
  • 10% discount pricing off of any repairs

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Prevent untimely breakdowns and keep your plumbing systems working as they should. Call today at 603-437-7039 to discuss your needs and schedule your first maintenance visit today.