Ductless Mini Split Systems in Nashua

As technology improves, homeowners are opting to ditch traditional air ducts in search of energy-efficient alternatives, including ductless mini split AC systems!

As your air conditioning system ages, it’s important to consider some unexpected costs associated with maintaining it. One of the most overlooked costs when considering sticking with a traditional AC system is the ductwork. Some experts say that your ductwork only has a life expectancy of 20-25 years. After this time span, rust can cause metal ducts to fail and insulation around the ductwork can affect your temperatures. That brings with it elevated operating costs plus the cost of reinstalling new ductwork. Fortunately, there are other alternatives to traditional systems that can save you money. At Paul the Plumber, we are your Nashua, NH ductless mini split AC system installation pros. We can help you design the ideal system that’ll have you enjoying customized temperatures in no time!

Another reason your air conditioner might not be working properly is a damaged compressor. As our technicians about our compressor replacement service, and get your AC cooling again!

What Are Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners?

Ductless heating and air systems operate on similar principles to a traditional unit. Refrigerant is condensed in an outside unit and pumped into an exchanger inside. However, in a ductless system, there is a small unit mounted in each room you wish to control. The unit provides the heating and cooling for that room without needing to have ducts installed.

This is especially important in old homes that don’t have a central AC system installed and can save lots of money in newer homes that need to have the ductwork replaced. Additionally, because these systems work independently of a central unit, you can easily have two temperature extremes in your home at the same time!

Advantages Of Ductless Mini Split AC Systems

While most homes in Nashua, NH are equipped with a central HVAC system, as it ages, it becomes less efficient. If you’re faced with the decision to either replace or upgrade your AC, opting for ductless heating and air system can have plenty of benefits. Some of the advantages of these systems include:

  • Simple Installation: Ductless units require less than half of the labor and materials to install than traditional units. Outdoor units will be installed and connected to individual units inside. This saves on labor costs for new construction and prevents the need for extensive duct installation during a renovation.
  • Lower Utility Bills: Ductless systems are designed to be energy efficient to reduce operating costs. Also, you only need to control the temperature in the room that you are in. Therefore, you save money by not cooling your entire house at once when you are only using a small space.
  • Zoned Heating And Cooling: Because you can control the zone you are occupying at the moment, you feel more comfortable due to the absence of hot and cold spots. Ductless mini-split heating systems also function as a space heater in the winter, adding heat exactly where it is needed.

At Paul the Plumber, we are your installation pros. We make the entire process simple, so you can enjoy that personalized heating and cooling system you’ve always wanted!

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Maintaining & Repairing a Ductless System

Maintaining a ductless mini-split is similar to maintaining a central unit. The most important task is changing the filters. Keeping the filters clean keeps the exchanger coil and fan blades clean. It also helps purify the air in the room.

At Paul the Plumber, we offer a Membership program to provide routine maintenance and inspection for all the maintenance tasks. During an inspection, we will check refrigerant levels and test the fan motor for proper operation. When you work with our staff, you can expect service with a smile!