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Paul The Plumber is proud to say that we've been providing high-quality service in plumbing, heating, and air conditioning for more than 15 years in Derry, NH, and the southern New Hampshire area. Not sure if Paul The Plumber covers your neighborhood? Here is a list of the areas we service:

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If you live in any of these areas and are in need of plumbing, heating, or air conditioning services, call the Residential Service Specialists at Paul The Plumber today!

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What Are the Signs That You Have a Hidden Water Leak?

You may have a hidden water leak if you notice any of the following:

  • Your water bill is substantially higher than usual without your water usage changing.
  • Your water meter fluctuates, even when your water usage hasn't changed.
  • Your walls and floors are becoming discolored, or feel wet.
  • Cracks have formed in your home's foundation.

If any of these have occurred, call Paul The Plumber right away! We offer 24-hour emergency plumbing and AC service*, so you can call us any time an unexpected leak happens.

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At Paul The Plumber, we believe we are the right choice plumbing company for you because we genuinely care about providing our customers with the top of the line service, consistently. After more than 15 years, we think we've got it down. When you call Paul The Plumber, we guarantee you'll speak with a real person every time, not an automated machine, so you can ask precisely what you need to and get real answers.

We also offer upfront pricing on all our services, so you don't have to worry about any surprise charges after the service is completed. Because we are so confident in our work, and because we want our customers to feel secure with the service they receive from us, Paul The Plumber also offers 2-year parts and labor warranty. That's right- if at any point in the 2 years following your service you experience the same issue again, Paul The Plumber will send a technician back to your home to check it out, at no additional cost to you. That's what we call "Service With a Smile"!

Map of Hudson, NH
Tyler G.

Tyler G.

Disassembled piping to oil tank, pumped down and removed oil tank. Installed new oil tank and re piped fill and vent and filled back up with oil. Installed tiger loop set up and connected to burner. Spray foamed oil fill and vent holes.

Near Greeley St, Hudson, NH 03051

Map of Nashua, NH
Steven  F.

Steven F.

Provided an estimate to replace forced air heating system.

Near Warner St, Nashua, NH 03063

Map of Derry, NH
Brenton P.

Brenton P.

Arrived to install temp water heater. Due to the spacing for the washer and dryer, and preference of the customer. I then cut in another valve for the combination boiler on the domestic water side and then hooked the water heater up to the service ports on the system. From here the water heater was purged of air and the unit was ran through the home. I then went to test the system and found there to be low water pressure at the nearest fixture (kitchen) this was due to sediment being in the fixture. After this the water heater was plugged in and waited until there was heat at the tank.

Near Reuben Rd, Derry, NH 03038

Map of Concord, NH
Brenton P.

Brenton P.

Arrived to find that the customer is remodeling the home and while putting up the trim boards in the bathroom a nail went through the main water supply for the home. After accepting the estimate I then removed that section of piping back to the closet and installed a new line. Once inplace I found that the stop for the toilet was not in great condition and replaced it as well. Once all work was done the water was turned back on and tested. All things worked well with no leaks, 2 year warranty on all parts and labor provided. Before any work was started I found that the water meter is leaking from the base and let the customer know that they will need to reach out to the water supplier to have the unit serviced/replaced.

Near Whitewater Dr, Concord, NH 03303

Map of Barnstead, NH
Brenton P.

Brenton P.

Arrived to find that the customer has an off brand shower valve that is not allowing for more hot water to flow through. After opening the plunger valves and seeing that the mixing control was maxed to hot I then stated that the best route would be to install a name brand valve that would allow for easier repairs down the road. I also informed them that the water heater needed a mixing valve to comply with New Hampshire code. We also discussed the option of installing a booster pump in the home to increase water pressure.

Near Peacham Rd, Barnstead, NH 03225

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