Electrician in Nashua, NH

Have you been thinking about installing more outlets but haven’t gotten around to it yet? Or have you been noticing electrical problems that you want a local company to come and take a look at?

At Paul The Plumber, we are proud to be able to offer electrical services to families in Nashua. We have services for every need from small repairs to major installations. 

When to Call an Electrician in Nashua, NH

There are many older homes in the Nashua area. While these homes can be beautiful and full of unique history and architecture, the electrical system isn’t something that you want to preserve for the sake of history. There are many times when you’ll need an electrician in Nashua to make your home safer and more modern. 

You should always call for electrical services if you’re noticing tripping breakers, flickering or dimming lights, sparks in your outlets, a warm electrical panel, or a strange smell. Any of these could be signs of a problem and you don’t want to wait to have it looked at! We’re excited to offer troubleshooting, repairs, and installations in your area. Here are some of our electrical services.

Electrical Repair

Electrical problems can happen , so that means a good electrician near Nashua, NH needs to be ready at all times to make a home electrical repair. We are here for you even if it’s at a time that doesn’t seem all that convenient. We promise, no call from you is ever inconvenient to us!

Electrical Installation

Sometimes a repair isn’t enough and you need to have a light fixture or an outlet replaced. We can install anything in your home. Call us for installations including:

  • Ceiling fans
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Outlets
  • Electrical panels
  • Generators
  • And much more!

Residential Electrical Inspections

Most of us don’t have x-ray vision to see through walls. So if you want to know what’s going on with your electrical system, you’ll need to call a licensed residential electrician to have your wiring inspected. We offer inspection services for when you want to buy or sell a home or just make sure your electrical system is up to code. 

Electrical Panel Installation and Upgrade Services

Nothing in your electrical system is unimportant, but one of the most crucial components is your electrical panel. It manages all of your electricity and makes everything a lot safer. You need to have the right electrical panel to be able to handle everything from your hot tub to your air fryer. If you still have the old 60 amp panel that came with the house, it’s time to upgrade! Unless you don’t have many electrical devices to power, we recommend upgrading to a 150 amp service or more. 

Electrical Outlet Services

Another thing that newer houses have in addition to more amps is more electrical outlets. If you have power strips connected to every outlet with four or five devices plugged in, that’s a sign that you need a panel upgrade and a few more outlets. We can also replace old two-prong outlets with three-prong outlets that are safer and more compatible. We can also install USB outlets, GFCI outlets, rotating outlets, and more.

Outlets can sometimes need to be repaired, too. Call a repairman from Paul The Plumber. If you see sparks or scorching around the outlets or if they are worn out, call us. Small blue sparks are usually normal, but if you see large yellow, white, or orange sparks, something is wrong. 

Wiring Upgrades and Rewiring Services

Electrical wiring can be dangerous if it isn’t installed correctly or if it isn’t properly maintained. This is especially true for aluminum wiring. This type of material is more prone to having loose connections because it expands and contracts more easily in changing temperatures. If you have old wiring, our electricians in Nashua, NH can come and rewire your home. 

Generator Services

As an electrical contractor in Nashua, we’ve seen how important it is to have backup power in case of power outages. We are happy to be able to offer these services to families in the area. We can install, repair, and test all types of generators.

Your Residential Electrician in Nashua, NH

We have been serving the community since 2002. Since then, we’ve become one of Nashua’s most trusted home care professionals. As an electrician near you, we promise to be there quickly to troubleshoot your electrical problems and find solutions that work for you. Whether you need an inspection to make sure everything is safe, or you want to plan a bigger project, we are ready to take on the challenge. Call Paul The Plumber today for more information about our electrical services in your area.