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Give Your Central Heater a "Green" Energy Makeover This St. Patrick's Day

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How to Optimize Central Heating Systems 

This St. Patrick’s Day, homeowners can give their home a “green” energy upgrade with the following tips for optimizing its central heating system. Heating is one of the biggest energy expenditures for most households. Optimizing the heating system for eco-friendly performance can drastically improve the home's energy efficiency. 

Keeping up with a regular heater maintenance schedule can benefit homeowners by increasing the longevity of their system, preventing the need for repairs, and reducing energy usage. Homeowners can also benefit from installing new smart thermostats or upgrading their heater to a more efficient model.  


Optimize Ceiling Fans

How can using ceiling fans keep the house warmer while using less energy? Ventilation is an important part of any home's heating and cooling process. Homeowners can use the direction of ceiling fan blades to optimize the airflow in the house for maximum heating. 

In the winter, ceiling fans should spin clockwise, pushing cold air towards the ceiling and warm air downwards. Heat rises upwards, so moving the air downwards with the ceiling fan helps keep the home warm. Ceiling fans should only be set on the lowest setting. 

Replace Air Filters

One of the easiest but most forgotten ways to optimize a central heating system for maximum energy efficiency is regularly changing the air filters. Furnace maintenance should usually be left up to an experienced technician, but changing the air filter is one step that the homeowner can generally do on their own. 

It only takes five to ten minutes to change an air filter, and it can save the homeowner from spending on furnace repairs in the future. The air filter needs to be replaced every three months for most homes, but this can vary. Some homes with pets that shed a lot need to change the air filter monthly. 

The air filter cleans the air before it gets sucked into the central heating system’s air intake. Without a filter, airborne particles of dust, hair, and dirt can become lodged in the system's inner workings and lead to a system breakdown. Failing to change the air filter often enough will reduce the system's efficiency and cause an increase in power bills. 

Smart Thermostat Installation


Thermostats control the overall function of a heating and air conditioning system, so upgrading the thermostat can help to improve efficiency. New smart thermostats automatically adjust the heating and cooling to the system’s maximum efficiency, making it a lot easier for the homeowner to stay on top of keeping power bills low. 

Homeowners making minor adjustments to the heat settings at night and while away from the house can save energy and money. Smart thermostats automate these adjustments. Most thermostats connect with a smartphone app that allows the homeowner to keep track of their energy use and remotely adjust the settings. 

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