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Breathe Easier in 2023 With These Tips

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Make a Resolution to Have Cleaner Air This Year

The new year is the best time to try and implement new habits that can improve the quality of life in the coming year. A great thing to focus on in the new year is the indoor air quality that everyone lives in inside their home. Poor indoor air quality strongly correlates with problems like:

  • Poor general health
  • Respiratory problems
  • Skin problems
  • Poor hygiene and chronic odors in the home
  • High repair bills for the heater or air conditioner

One of the best reasons to make an effort to improve indoor air quality during this time of year is because it will be more effective now than at any other time. During the height of winter, people spend more time indoors, so the effects of poor air quality are amplified by greater exposure. For cleaner air in the coming year, follow these tips from local experts. 

Change Air Filters at Least Every 3 Monthsfilters

The air filters in central air systems are designed to protect climate-control equipment and improve indoor air quality. With the constant use of the heater during the winter, the filter can become dirty and contribute to low-quality air. To prevent this, homeowners should aim to change their air filters at least quarterly. 

In some cases, more frequent changes are recommended. If air quality continues to be low despite quarterly filter changes, other factors may be contributing to the low-quality air. Some home factors that may require more frequent air filter changes are:

  • The presence of pets
  • Located in a dusty outdoor environment
  • High levels of VOCs in the air from cooking or products like hair spray
  • People in the home with asthma or COPD

Boost Clean Air with a UV Air Sanitizer or Purifier

purifierAir purification is a great way to keep the air in a home healthy and free of contaminants. One option for air purification is whole-home air sanitizers, which use UV light to reduce airborne particles such as dust, pollen, dander, and mold spores. 

These systems are installed into an existing HVAC system and help purify the air throughout a home. Whole-home air sanitizers provide long-term protection from airborne contaminants while also reducing odors. Another option is an air purifier, which uses filters or electrostatic technology to remove pollutants from the air.

Remember Household Cleaning

Dust and debris have a nasty habit of getting everywhere. While air filters and air purifiers will work hard to reduce the amount of dust in the air significantly, there is still a ton of household dust that sits and sticks to things around the home. The best way to deal with this excess dust is to attack it at its source. To effectively combat dust around the house, remember cleaning chores like:

  • Washing bedding weekly
  • Launder curtains every three months
  • Vacuum often
  • Dust flat surfaces weekly
  • Wash other linens and towels weekly
  • Bathe pets regularly

General cleanliness is the best way to reduce dust on surfaces, and regular cleaning can also improve indoor air quality. 

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