Backflow Testing and Certification in Manchester

Paul The Plumber is your residential plumbing expert! When you need to tackle your required backflow testing, we’re your local registered professionals.

Local codes can vary from place to place, so it’s important to know what they are or to have a trusted plumber on hand, like Paul The Plumber, who can help you with your plumbing. For example, any backflow prevention devices must be checked at least twice a year by a certified tester in your Manchester, NH home. Paul The Plumber is registered by the state of New Hampshire to help you prevent issues with backflow in your home and can also install a backflow prevention device too!

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The Dangers of Backflow

If you've never experienced backflow in your home, then you're in luck, as backflow problems are unsanitary, damaging, and downright gross. Backflow happens when the flow of water in your pipes is reversed. When this happens, your water supply is contaminated. Sometimes it happens because there’s a cross-connection in your water supply, which causes all of your wastewater to mix with your incoming clean water supply.

Backflow can cause a lot of problems for you and your home, including:

  • Consuming contaminated water.
  • Cleaning with contaminated water.
  • Costly repairs to fix the backflow problems.

Backflow is a health risk to everyone in your home as it can lead to drinking and exposing yourselves to contaminated water. This is why the state of New Hampshire requires all homes to have a backflow prevention device installed. It helps prevent backflow issues and keeps you and your friends and family safe.

How Does Backflow Testing Work?

Your backflow prevention device needs to be inspected twice of year, per the state water codes, to make sure that it’s up and running correctly. This is to protect you and your loved ones from dealing with a  backflow problem and exposing yourselves to the health concerns backflow can create. Backflow testing isn’t that difficult and includes the following steps:

  • Your water supply will be shut off.
  • The backflow prevention device is located and identified.
  • Your normal flow direction is determined.
  • Your test cocks will be numbered and cleared of debris, and the adapters will be assembled.
  • A test kit hose is connected to your device and the test is run.

The test will show whether or not your backflow prevention device is working correctly. If it’s not, your device may require repairs. Paul The Plumber will offer you full transparency and honest recommendations when it comes to your backflow prevention.

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Backflow issues can expose you and your loved ones to contaminated water, creating health risks in your home. This is why the state of New Hampshire takes the prevention of backflow so seriously and why you should make sure to have your backflow prevention device regularly tested.

Paul The Plumber is your state-registered expert on testing your backflow prevention devices. We’ll be able to run the test for you and also offer backflow repairs if you need them, all while providing service with a smile.

Paul The Plumber has been serving the Manchester, NH area since 2002. Call us today at 603-437-7039 and we can help you with your required backflow testing. We’ll also make sure no mess is left behind.