Clogged Toilet Repair Services in Manchester

A clogged toilet is something that many homeowners dread. While most clogs can be handled with a plunger, sometimes you may need to contact a professional!

Everyone has had to deal with a clogged toilet at some point in their life. It happens. But absolutely nothing is worse than dealing with a toilet malfunction during special times, such as parties with guests, or holidays. Luckily, Paul The Plumber is your Manchester, NH plumbing expert and can help you with even your most difficult clogged toilet. If your plunger can’t get the job done, ditch the store-bought chemicals, and let our plumbing pros get your plumbing flowing again!

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Tips to Avoid a Clogged Toilet

Clogged toilets are a not uncommon occurrence in most homes. But luckily there are many ways you can avoid, or even prevent, a clogged toilet from happening in your bathroom.

  • Never, ever flush anything down the toilet other than toilet paper or bodily waste. Only flush toilet paper and waste.
  • Speaking of toilet paper, try not to flush too much of it. Toilet paper is completely safe to flush, but too much of it may get clogged.
  • Never flush grease or food. Grease shouldn’t ever be put down any drain, including your toilet, because it will solidify and cause a clog that can sometimes be extremely expensive. And it’s never a good idea to flush food, even if you think it will fit.
  • Finally, never flush the following items down your toilet, either: Feminine hygiene products, beauty aids, such as Q-tips and cotton balls or squares, wet wipes, hair or nail clippings, paper towels, and disposable diapers.

Any of the above items can clog and damage your toilet system, leading to the necessity of toilet repairs, or even worse, sewer line problems. So practice good toilet habits and save yourself a hassle.

Why You Need a Pro to Repair a Clogged Toilet

A clogged toilet is one of the more common plumbing issues homeowners in the Manchester, NH area can face. However, just because they’re common, doesn’t mean they’re easy to fix. If you do need a pro to handle a clogged toilet, there are often two different ways for them to address the problem:

  • Augers: Sometimes called "snaking," this is when a long steel cable with a corkscrew tip is put down through the plumbing to pierce a clog, clearing a path through the pipe. This method is tried and true and is safe for aging pipes, but they typically can’t remove the clog entirely.
  • Hydro Jetting: This is when a highly pressurized stream of water is shot into the plumbing to dislodge and clear obstructions. It’s more effective than snaking, but the force of the water can be damaging to older pipes.

At Paul the Plumber, we know the best method for safely clearing any clog in your toilet. We always offer honest advice and quality craftsmanship that work with your specific needs in mind. Also, if the worst-case scenario is true, we offer toilet installations too!

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