Bathroom Remodeling Services in Manchester

If you have decided it’s time for you to renovate and remodel your home bathroom, you’ll want the help of an experienced professional. Paul The Plumber is your local bathroom remodeling expert.

We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms, and it can be one of the most common places in a  house to be remodeled. But it’s also a difficult job for a homeowner to do themselves, which is why it’s important to trust the remodel to the professionals. While you might be focused on the backsplash and fixtures in your new master bathroom, having the plumbing in place to power your needs is also important. At Paul The Plumber, we are your Manchester, NH bathroom remodeling experts. From design to installation, we have you covered.

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When to Replace Your Bathtub or Shower

Whether you have a bathtub or a shower, people tend to spend a fair amount of time in either. But it can be hard to know when it’s a good idea to replace the existing bathtub or shower, especially since it’s not always an easy job. There are some common reasons to replace your tub or shower, though, and those can include:

  • Old or cracked tub.
  • Upgraded tub for elderly person use.
  • Design changes.
  • Visible surface damage on the tub or shower.
  • Leaking tub or shower.
  • Limescale or rust stains.

Whatever the reason you’re considering a new shower or tub, it’s not something that is easy for most homeowners to handle on their own, which is why it can be important to contact a professional to handle the installation for you. At Paul The Plumber, we offer expert shower installation services, and can even help you make the switch from a bathtub to a shower as well.

Why You Need a Bathroom Plumbing Pro

Bathrooms tend to have a lot more plumbing than most other rooms in your home, and they are often smaller spaces, too. Combined with outlets and lighting, there are often more precautions that need to be taken when considering a bathroom remodel. Some of the more common reasons to hire a professional to handle your bathroom remodel include:

  • Pipes: Pipes will often need to be rerouted to correct fractures or other obstructions when remodeling a bathroom, especially if toilets or tubs need to be rearranged.
  • Slope: The slope of your bathroom is something that needs to be known, especially if your pipes do need to be rerouted.
  • Leaks: If you have a leak in your bathroom piping, it will have to be repaired before the rest of the remodeling begins.
  • Codes: Local codes can vary widely, so it’s important to be familiar with them before starting any remodeling project.

These are just a few of the reasons why it can be important to contact a Manchester, NH plumbing professional when considering a bathroom remodel. And, of course, pros can often complete the remodel much quicker, and at a higher quality level than doing it yourself.

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A beautifully remodeled bathroom can be the envy of any homeowner, and trusting a professional when considering one for your own home is the way to make sure it’s done correctly, on time, and at a high level of quality, too.

At Paul The Plumber, we can help your Manchester, NH home with any bathroom remodel. Whether you’re looking for a new tub or shower, or want a completely new, modern bathroom, our Residential Service Specialists will offer you honest recommendations.

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