Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling Services in East Hampstead, New Hampshire

Dependable plumbing, heating, and air conditioning solutions in East Hampstead.

If you own a home in the East Hampstead area, you likely know the value of having a plumbing and HVAC technician that you can trust. Caring for your home can come with many different challenges, and it can be difficult to find a company that enables you to both sticks to your budget and receives the quality services that you deserve. At Paul the Plumber, we seek to do both by providing the best services at a price you can afford. We are a family striving to help other families achieve their plumbing, heating, and cooling goals.

Plumbing Services

While plumbing is often the subject of jokes, the truth is that clogs, leaks, and plumbing damage are no laughing matter. We take each job seriously to ensure that you will enjoy reliable plumbing during all seasons of the year.

Many things can go wrong with your plumbing, and some of these problems can cause harm to your house or your family. A small leak, for instance, can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage, and the effects of excess moisture can lead to mold problems that can threaten your family’s health. We are in the business of preventing major leaks by investing in the best technology to find these leaks while they are still small. If you notice any signs of a leak such as high humidity levels or stains on your ceiling, call us for leak detection and repair.

We receive many calls each year for clogged drains, sewage backups, and water pressure issues. Many of these problems can be solved through our hydrojetting services. When high-pressure water is sent through your pipes, it can eradicate tough clogs and leave your pipes clean and odor-free.

We provide many other plumbing services such as slab leak repair, relining and repiping services, water softener installation, water filtration, sump pump services, garbage disposal services, and gas line services. If any part of your plumbing system is giving you grief, call our friendly team for fast repairs and installations.

Heating Services

When the temperatures begin to drop, not having a reliable heating source for those cold nights can be a hazard for your family. To protect yourself from wintery temperatures, you should have a plan for your heating system that includes expert installations, regular maintenance, and fast repairs.

At Paul the Plumber, we provide all three essential services. As a local family-owned business, we have a unique perspective that allows us to help our customers select energy-efficient heating options that make sense in the East Hampstead area. We know local utility prices and can help you choose the heating source that will be the most affordable and comfortable for you.

We offer furnace, boiler, and heat pump installations, and we are available 7 days a week to schedule your appointment so that you have help when you need it. Finally, we always recommend taking advantage of our maintenance services. Regardless of what type of system you have, it is important to schedule an annual appointment to make sure every component of your heater is in great condition. We change filters, lubricate rotating parts, and clean your system so that it can work more efficiently.

Air Conditioning Services

Your HVAC system can be complicated, but taking care of it doesn’t have to be. With our comprehensive AC services, we are simplifying the process and making it easy for you to choose and care for your ideal system.

We are excited to be able to install, repair, and maintain ductless mini-split AC systems in the East Hampstead area. These systems are a great alternative to other types of cooling systems, especially if the home does not have ducts. These units only take a couple of hours to install, and they can last up to 20 years, making them a good investment. They can also be an energy-efficient option for homes with less square footage, and they can be a great way to cool rooms that are not connected to the main part of the home.

At Paul the Plumber, we offer refrigeration repair, carbon monoxide testing, evaporator coil repair and cleaning, and more. We install dehumidifiers and air purifiers to keep your air clean and healthy, and we always offer a two-year warranty for parts and labor.

If you are looking for a plumbing and HVAC company that offers upfront pricing, and service with a smile, you will enjoy working with Paul the Plumber. We love our customers and we are dedicated to providing the most reliable services in East Hampstead. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

For all your plumbing, heating & air conditioning needs in the East Hampstead area, call Paul The Plumber at (603) 437-7039.