Whole Home Water Filtration Installation in Derry, New Hampshire

Offering comprehensive water filtration solutions for your entire home!

Want tap water that's safe to drink and free of harmful contaminants like pesticides, metals, salts, viruses and bacteria, volatile organic chemicals, and even radioactive contaminants? Consider installing a whole house water filtration system in your home. Your family will enjoy cleaner, healthier drinking water, and you'll also see the benefits to your skin and hair from purified water in your shower! Call the Residential Service Specialists at Paul The Plumber today to schedule your appointment for water filtration system installation!

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What Kinds of Water Filtration Systems Are Available?

If you are looking into water filtration system installation, you may be wondering what your options are, and which one would be best for your home. Different systems purify water through different methods.

Here are some of the options currently available for water filtration, and how they work:

  • Water Distillers: Boil water to separate the steam from the hard minerals and salts that were present in the water. It's a slower process and may affect your home's energy usage.
  • Sediment Filters: Also known as water softeners, remove sediment and iron from hard well-water.
  • Magnetic Water Filters: Use a magnetic field to reshape water’s molecular structure and purify your water.
  • Ultraviolet Water Filters: Use UV bulbs to destroy germs in your water. The required bulbs do have a limited lifespan and require frequent changing.
  • Catalytic Water Filters: Use electron injections to target and eliminate toxins in your water.
  • Infrared Water Filters: Like catalytic filters, reshape your water’s molecular structure as a means of purifying the water.
  • Alkaline Water Ionizers: Add a milli-volt charge your water, which breaks up minerals but also shifts the pH level of your water.
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems: Remove cryptosporidium and other minerals from your water, making it bottle quality.

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Which Type of Filter Is Best for Your Home?

With so many options on the market, it can be a bit confusing and overwhelming to try and figure out the best home water filtration system for you. That’s why Paul The Plumber always has knowledgeable plumbing technicians on the phone, ready to answer all your questions!

Give us a call today to schedule a water quality test and take the first steps in providing your family with cleaner, healthier water!

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