Repiping Services in Derry, New Hampshire

Dependable Repiping Services in Derry.

Have you had several plumbing issues with your pies? Are you looking for a dependable plumbing contractor to do a whole home repiping? Paul The Plumber may be just the company for you! We offer dependable whole house repiping services all over Derry and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today to speak to one of our Residential Service Specialists to discuss your whole-home repipe needs.

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Common Signs That You Need Repiping Services

Call Paul The Plumber and ask about our repiping services if you are tired of dealing with any of the following:

  • Water coming from your fixtures that has an odd color or taste.
  • Corrosion and limescale buildup on your pipes.
  • Continuously repairing your current pipe system.
  • Leaking pipes.
  • Cold weather damage to your pipes.
  • Old pipes.

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Copper and PEX Repiping Options

Choosing the right piping system for your home and family is up to you. Paul The Plumber provides installation of both PEX pipes and copper pipes. Both kinds of pipes are recyclable and durable enough that they will last you a long time. Here is a more detailed look at the differences between the two types of piping:

Copper Pipes

  • Are lightweight.
  • Hold up better in winter than PEX Pipes do.
  • Can be used for drain, waste, and vent lines as well as water lines.
  • Resist corrosion.
  • Can be used for both hot and cold water lines.
  • Can be installed without the use of any harsh chemicals.

PEX Pipes

  • Are environmentally friendly, compared to other plastic pipes.
  • Require fewer fittings and are less likely to leak than other plastic pipes.
  • Are flexible, and therefore easy to install.
  • Are more affordable than copper pipes.

If you're not sure which material would best suit your house repipe, give Paul The Plumber a call and let us help you decide. We are proud to offer the best service with a smile consistently! At Paul The Plumber, all our services are covered by 2-year parts and labor warranty, to help you feel confident that your home is in good hands with us.

Call Paul The Plumber today at 603-437-7039 for whole-home repiping services in Derry.