Slab Leak Repairr Services in Derry, New Hampshire

Don't let a slab leak get worse! We offer fast slab leak detection and repair services.

Slab leaks can cause costly damage to your home and property if they go undetected. Don’t put yourself in a position to be surprised by a hidden slab leak! Call the Residential Service Specialists at Paul The Plumber today to schedule slab leak detection and repair services!

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What Causes a Slab Leak?

"Slab leak" is the term used to describe any leak that happens below the concrete foundation of your home. Because they happen underneath your house, slab leaks can often go unnoticed for long periods of time. When this happens, your home and yard can sustain severe damage, and you could have unseen growth of mold or mildew, which can lead to several health complications.

Slab leaks are often caused by:

  • A poorly installed piping system.
  • Underground pressure due to a shift in the earth.
  • Human error during construction.
  • Corrosion from chemicals in the soil.
  • Damage due to long-term vibration in the ground.

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Paul The Plumber Can Handle Any Slab Leak!

Paul The Plumber’s qualified plumbing technicians can perform a number of services to help you find and fix a slab leak under your home.

If you begin to notice things like specific areas of your floor that are especially hot or cold, visible signs of damage like cracks in your walls or along your floor, or mildew growth, call Paul The Plumber and ask about slab leak detection. This process entails a video camera inspection to search for leaks in your underground pipe system.

If our plumbers do indeed find a leak under your home’s foundation, don’t panic! We can offer one of the following solutions to repair the leak:

  • Spot Repairs: Consist of opening up the slab and repairing the leak directly at the point where the leak occurred.
  • Epoxy: Can be used to cover the inside of a pipe or series of pipes that contain several small leaks. Epoxy can be a valuable alternative to costly pipe reconstruction.
  • Rerouting: The entire line may be the smartest solution if your piping system is old, or has a history of leaking.

Whatever the necessary solution is, Paul The Plumber will be there to offer foundation leak repair backed by our 2-year parts and labor warranty!

Paul The Plumber offers slab leak services in Derry. Call us today at 603-437-7039 and ask about our slab leak repair services!