Derry Water Leak Detection Services

Dependable water leak detection and leak repair services in Derry.

If you have a hidden leak in your pipes, it can lead to more significant problems in the future, such as flooding and property damage, higher water bills, and electrical shortages that can be dangerous to you and your loved ones. Even the smallest leak, if undetected, can cause pressure to build up inside the pipe, causing it to burst. Don't let your home fall victim to a hidden water leak. Call the Residential Service Specialists at Paul The Plumber today and ask about our water leak detection service.

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What Causes Hidden Water Leaks?

Any of the following factors can cause a hidden water leak:

  • Construction near your piping system
  • Tree roots and other large, underground obstructions
  • Poorly installed pipes
  • Freezing pipes
  • Aging pipes
  • Cracks in your piping system
  • Corrosion

If you suspect that you may have a leak somewhere in your pipes, call Paul The Plumber right away! We’ll get someone out to your home ASAP to perform the necessary water leak detection, and repair the leak. With our up-front pricing, you can be confident in the fact that you won't pay a penny more than you need to for your water leak repair.

Not only do we handle your water leak detection concerns, but we can also help you with detecting gas leaks in your home!

How to Prevent Water Leaks

There are some preventative measures you could take to protect yourself from the concern of leaking pipes. The first line of defense against any potential plumbing issue is to make sure to have your pipes regularly inspected, and your drains regularly cleaned. Routine inspections and drain cleanings can help you catch a leak before it becomes a more serious problem. Insulating your pipes during the colder months of the year can also protect you from frozen pipes causing a leak. If you fear your pipes might be old, or if they are showing signs of corrosion, have your system replaced. Finally, know where your pipes run under your home and avoid planting trees or doing major construction projects near your pipes.

Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are, you may not be able to avoid a water leak. If you find yourself in that position, call Paul The Plumber and ask about water leak repair. We offer upfront pricing as well as a 2-year warranty on parts and labor. You can count on us for service with a smile!

Paul The Plumber provides dependable water leak detection and repair in the Derry area. Call us today at 603-437-7039 to schedule your appointment!