Gas Leak Detection Services In Derry, New Hampshire

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Gas leaks can pose a severe health hazard to your family. The danger increases if the leak goes undetected. Because some gases are odorless, your family could be inhaling them for extended periods of time without knowing. Gas leaks are also a major fire hazard and can put your home at risk of complete destruction if you're not careful. That's why it is critical to know the signs of a gas leak and to have a gas line contractor you can trust.

That’s where Paul The Plumber comes in! Give us a call today and ask about gas line leak detection. We also perform gas pipe leak detection, if you are concerned that pipes in the vicinity of your home may be compromised.

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How Can You Tell If You Have a Gas Leak?

The following are some common signs of gas leaks:

  • Unpleasant sulfur, or rotten egg, smell.
  • Hissing or roaring noise near gas pipes.
  • Damaged connections to gas-powered appliances, such as your stove.
  • Excess condensation on windows.
  • Dying plants and vegetation in, or around, your yard.
  • Symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, dizziness or fainting.

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What to Do in the Event of a Gas Leak

If you notice any of the above signs in your home, you may have a gas leak. Open all your windows and doors, evacuate the property, and call for help. If the leak is coming from a pipe outside of your home, leave the area immediately. Once you are a safe distance away from the leak, call the gas pipe contractors at Paul the plumber to request gas pipe leak detection.

DO NOT turn any light switches on or off, ignite any flames, use any electronic devices (including your cell phone), or start your car while in the house, or on the property. Any of these actions could react with the gas in the air and cause an explosion.

Paul The Plumber offers , so you can call us any time when you think you may have a gas line leak in your home. In the event of a gas leak, get yourself and your loved ones out of the house immediately, and call Paul The Plumber.

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