Electrician in Merrimack, NH

Have your lights been flickering or have your outlets been acting up? You may need an electrician in Merrimack NH to come and take a look at your electrical system. At Paul the Plumber, you can lean on our electrical services for all of the problems you might encounter in your home. We are committed to offering the best services whether you are looking for someone to repair your ceiling fan or install a new electrical panel. 

Services With an Electrician in Merrimack NH

At Paul the Plumber, we know how overwhelming home maintenance can be. There is always something going wrong and something that needs to be replaced. We would love to make electrical services easier for you. With electrical repairs, installations, and maintenance for your entire system, we are an electrician near you that cares about your home, your time, and your safety. 

Electrical Troubleshooting

When electrical problems happen in your home, don’t try to fix the issue yourself. Call a professional electrician from Paul the Plumber to come take a look at the problem. We know how to find and fix problems before they become a danger to you or your home.

Electrical Inspections

Every home in Merrimack should be inspected every once in a while for loose connections, code violations, and other electrical problems. We suggest having an electrical inspection every couple of years or when you plan on selling or buying a home. Our top quality inspections will ensure that you know everything there is to know about the condition of your electrical system. 

Electrical Repairs and Installations

We offer both electrical repairs and installations in Merrimack. We want you to be able to call one number for anything that goes wrong in your home. We are here for emergency services, and we offer the highest quality local installations. 

Outlet and Switch Installation and Repair

Have you noticed sparks or scorching around your outlets? Are your switches sticky and hard to flip on or off? We can install new outlets and switches or repair them, as needed. Even small projects such as replacing an outlet should be done by a professional electrical contractor. 

Lighting Repair

When your lights are flickering or unreliable, there may be a problem with the wiring or the electrical panel. Our licensed electricians will come and find out what is causing the problems with your lighting. You’ll have a well-lit room again in no time!

Ceiling Fan Installation and Repair

Did you know that ceiling fans can allow you to keep your thermostat 4 degrees higher or lower depending on the season? This helps your HVAC system to last longer because it won’t be so overtaxed. We would love to install a new ceiling fan in your home or repair your current fan if it’s wobbling or having other problems. 

Smoke Detector Installation and Repair

Every home should be fitted with reliable smoke detectors. It’s important to have yours replaced every 10 years to make sure they’re always ready for an emergency. We’re happy to check your smoke detectors, repair problems, and install new ones any time you need these services.

Generator Repair and Installation

If you’ve ever had the power go out for a couple of days and had to watch the food in your fridge spoil, you’ll know how wonderful a generator can be. If you aren’t sure what type of generator your home needs, contact our electricians near Merrimack. We can calculate the load of the appliances you want to run and get your generator set up. 

Electrical Panel Services

If there was a center to your electrical system, it would be your electrical panel. It’s the brain that sends electricity to every outlet. When yours isn’t working like it should, it can cause a lot of problems. Let us fix them by replacing or repairing your panel.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

An electrical panel upgrade means either adding new circuit breakers, upgrading your service to more amps, or replacing the panel altogether. It’s recommended when you’re trying to use too many devices with a panel that isn’t built to handle it. Our company offers panel upgrades for homes in Merrimack, NH. 

Electrical Panel Repairs

Having an electrician near your home who can come and repair your electrical panel can give you peace of mind. Call us as soon as you notice problems such as unreliable lighting or tripping breakers. 

Lighting Installation

At Paul the Plumber, we offer residential lighting solutions for your whole home. Whether you want to improve the atmosphere of a room in your home or decrease your energy bills, we have ways that we can help.

Indoor Lighting Installation

You don’t have to be stuck using floor lamps to try to bring light to your home. Have us put in indoor lighting that will brighten up the room without taking up space. We offer everything from accent lighting to customized light fixtures.

Outdoor Lighting Installation

A dark yard can be a tripping hazard. Make your yard safer and more beautiful by taking advantage of our landscape lighting services near you. 

Whole Home Surge Protection

A cheap power strip here or there isn’t going to protect all of your devices from exterior and interior power surges. However, our whole home surge protection can. Call one of our electrical repairmen and have us suggest a good solution for you.

Schedules Services with Your Electrician in Merrimack NH

When your lights aren’t lighting and your outlets are sparking, you always have an electrician in Merrimack NH that you can turn to. Get in touch with our friendly electricians at Paul the Plumber today. We’re always happy to hear from you whether you call or reach out to us online.