Burst Pipe Repair Services In Derry, New Hampshire

Emergency burst pipe leak repair* services in Derry!

Frozen pipes can mean a disaster in your home or business. It can not only cost you a large initial sum but it can create long term problems such as the cultivation of mold. This can raise health problems and for a commercial property, it can spell disaster.

Frozen Pipes Repaired and Prevented

Protecting your pipes and exterior faucets now can save you a lot of time and money later that would otherwise be spent on emergency leaks and frozen pipes.

Winterizing your plumbing prevents exposure to the outside air. A pipe that is exposed to outside air can freeze. Then as the indoor temperature changes and warms the pipe will expand and crack which causes a massive water leak. The water may be visible in a crack in the ceiling which can cost even more in repairs.

You should get your plumbing winterized long before winter approaches. This entails:

  • Fixing any leaks.
  • Insulating the pipes.
  • Disconnecting your hose and pipes outside.
  • Protecting your sprinkler system and your main water system.

By calling on the Residential Service Specialists at Paul The Plumber to winterize your plumbing now you can avoid large costs and emergency plumbing situations later this year. You will be very grateful that you did!

When you need assistance with this process or you need a repair on an already broken pipe we will be there in no time! We will help educate you on ways in which you can maintain your property so that problems like these don’t arise in the future.

Having a burst pipe emergency? Paul The Plumber offers after-hours service to tackle any plumbing problem!

What Causes a Burst Pipe?

Several factors can cause a pipe to burst. Any minor crack or fracture in a pipe can lead to a building up of pressure inside the pipe. When the pressure becomes too high, the pipe bursts, spewing water and causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home and property.

One of the most common causes of a burst pipe is freezing temperatures. If your pipes are not properly insulated, the water inside of them could freeze during those harsh winter months. The water expands as it solidifies, causing the pipe to break, and once it melts again, the pipe will leak and eventually burst. At Paul The Plumber, we understand how stressful a burst or frozen pipe situation can be. Give us a call and ask about frozen pipe repair today.

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How to Prevent a Burst Pipe Emergency in Your Home

Here are some tips to help you avoid the stress of dealing with a burst pipe:

  • Have your pipes regularly inspected and cleaned.
  • Replace old pipes.
  • Have all your pipes insulated or heat wrapped before winter weather arrives.
  • Run water at a trickle during the winter months to promote a constant flow and keep water from freezing in your pipes.
  • Be aware of potential warning signs like reduced water pressure, or signs of a leak, in or around your property.
  • Always keep the number of an emergency burst pipe repair service, like Paul The Plumber, on hand.

With our emergency service*, Paul The Plumber is ready to come to your rescue if you should ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of dealing with a burst or frozen pipe in your home. Give us a call today to speak to a real person about emergency burst pipe repair and find out how we can help you.

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