Backflow Testing In Derry, New Hampshire

Trusted backflow testing and certification services in Derry!

According to the town of Derry's water code, backflow prevention devices must be checked at least twice a year by a certified tester. Paul The Plumber is registered by the state of New Hampshire to help you prevent issues with backflow in your home. Call the Residential Service Specialists at Paul The Plumber today and speak to one of our professional plumbing contractors about backflow certification!

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Why Is Backflow Testing Important?

Backflow is a problem that occurs when the flow of water in your pipes is reversed, thus contaminating your water supply. It can be caused by cross-connection in your water supply, which is when all of the contaminants you have flushed away or washed down your drains or gets mixed in with your incoming water supply.

Backflow poses an obvious health risk to yourself and your loved ones, as you could be drinking and exposing yourselves to contaminated water. For this reason, all homes in the state of New Hampshire are required to have a backflow prevention device installed.

If you are due for backflow testing, or if your prevention device is in need of repair, call Paul The Plumber today.

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How Does Paul The Plumber Perform Backflow Testing?

To begin with, your Paul The Plumber certified backflow testing contractor will shut off your water supply to check your backflow prevention device. Once the prevention device is located and the type of device identified, the plumber will determine the normal direction of your flow of water (so that if the flow changes direction, you and your plumber will be able to identify the problem). Next, your plumber will number the test cocks, clear them of debris, and assemble the adapters. Once downstream is completely shut off, the test kit hoses can be attached. If at this point water leaves the relief valves, the first test valve has to be cleaned again.

If your backflow prevention device does not pass this test, and the machinery is not working correctly, you may need backflow repairs as well. These repairs can also be provided by Paul The Plumber.

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