Derry Oil Burner Services

Oil burner repair services to keep you warm!

If your home has an oil burner that is in need of repairs you can turn to our team of Residential Service Specialists at Paul The Plumber. With the highest in customer service standards, we are here to help ensure your problem is alleviated in the fastest time possible.

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Is Your Oil Burner Not Working Properly?

The oil burner is one piece of equipment that can cause a homeowner a lot of stress. Repairing a damaged oil burner is both tedious and frustrating to the homeowner unless our team of professionals is hired to take care of the problem.

  • Nozzles: One common problem which our professional services can repair is changing the nozzle on the burner. Our team of highly trained technicians will ensure this problem is rectified on the spot and won’t cause further damage.
  • Transformers: A second potential problem is with the transformer. If your transformer is not working properly it can cause severe damage to your oil burner.
  • Relay: A third common problem is with the relay. This should be checked regularly to ensure it does not cause any malfunctions with the motor.

When you call on our services we will use a myriad of professional tools to ensure the job is done properly. A combustion analyzer is an important tool used to check the oil burner and determine where the problem is actually located. This is something that only a top professional can carry out effectively.

Oil burner issues can be frustrating and tricky to fix. Get back your indoor comfort faster when you call Paul The Plumber at 603-437-7039!