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Looking for an alternative to central heaters and furnaces? Consider radiant heating. It’s eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and helps you reap long-term savings.

Paul The Plumber is your Residential Service Specialist providing radiant heating installation and repair for Derry and Southern New Hampshire residents. Call us today to find out if this option is right for your home. Our radiant heat company will explain the benefits and help you plan an installation that meets your energy efficiency needs.

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What Is Radiant Heating?

Conventional heating involves heating the air that’s already in your home, pushing it around through a forced-air vent system. While this is a common setup in many homes, it is actually less efficient than radiant heating.

With radiant heating, pipes installed under your floor release heat upwards. This allows for more “all-around” comfort since the heat moving up is able to spread throughout the room more efficiently. As a result, radiant heating systems require less energy to operate, making them smart options for homeowners interested in lowering their long-term heating costs.

Benefits of Radiant Heating Installation

Fitting in a new radiant heating system shouldn’t be daunting. Working with the right radiant heat company that ensures proper installation can lead to a range of future benefits.

  • No drafts: Forced air systems typically lose up to thirty percent of supplied heat because of gaps and drafts in the ventilation. Since there are no air ducts involved in radiant heating, wasted air is not a problem.
  • Better energy efficiency: Because radiant heat allows hot air to rise from the floor, it uses less energy to heat your home.
  • Allergy relief: Dust from the ductwork in forced-air systems can make allergies worse. Radiant heating systems don’t contribute to this problem.
  • Less noise: Radiant heating systems don’t have noisy fans or blowers. You’ll forget it’s even there!
  • Zoned heating: Now you can control which rooms are heated with radiant heating systems. Save energy by not heating rooms that are rarely occupied.

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