Emergency Furnace & Boiler Services in Derry, NH

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Each year, the average American spends several hundred dollars on heating their home. Also, the more the furnace or heating system is used, the higher the costs will go. However, this is not the only issue that may increase heating costs. If the unit is broken or damaged, it can increase costs, too. This means the sooner someone invests in Emergency Furnace and Boiler Services, the better.

The question is, how can a homeowner know when it is time to call for furnace & boiler services? This is a good question; after all, emergency repair services will be much more expensive than “regular” repairs. Some signs that it is time to call for emergency furnace & boiler services in Derry, NH, can be found below.

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The Breakers Continue to Trip

Each furnace will use electricity when it cycles on. However, the energy usage of this appliance should not be overwhelming. If a homeowner notices that the breakers continue to trip, they should call for emergency plumbing and HVAC services in Derry, NH. Tripped breakers are the way for the home’s electrical system to keep circuits from being overloaded.

Each time the breakers are tripped, they will lose electricity to each outlet and the appliance connected to that circuit. After the breaker is reset, power will be restored. However, if it continues to happen, this is going to be a frustrating situation.

It is also a sign there is something wrong with the furnace. The sooner it is repaired, the better.

Water Around the Unit

The average residential furnace relies on water. It is one of the main components that will help keep the home warm. In some situations, this water may begin to leak from the unit.

When this happens, the home is at risk for severe water damage. If the situation is not handled in a timely manner, it will soak into the walls, flooring, and foundation. As time passes, it may result in mildew and mold growth through the home, not just around the actual furnace.

However, leaking water may also make the unit much less efficient. Calling for emergency repairs will handle the leaks before they cause severe damage to other parts of the home. Over time, this is going to help someone save money on future repairs.

Loud Sounds Each Time it Runs

Every furnace is going to make some level of noise when it turns on. Most people will hear it, but they may tune it out when the furnace is running. As soon as the furnace begins to make strange sounds or the volume of the sounds gets louder, most homeowners will take notice.

If someone hears an extremely loud or unusual sound, it is time to make an appointment for service. Usually, loud sounds will occur because of loose components and parts in the actual furnace. The longer the system sits, the worse the issue is going to get. At some point, the system may be damaged beyond being able to be repaired. Having the needed repairs made right away will help to extend the life of the system.

The System Can’t Keep Up

Most people rely on their furnaces to keep their homes warm and comfortable. However, what happens if the unit is unable to keep up with the settings on the thermostat. At this point, it is a good idea to call for emergency repairs.

If the unit cannot keep a home warm enough, people will not just be cold. The pipes could freeze, the electronics and appliances may be seriously damaged, and homeowners may be searching for ways to keep warm air inside. If someone feels like their system cannot keep up with the heat demanded, call for help.

Indications of Gas

A gas leak is one of the most serious safety issues that a homeowner may experience with their furnace. The good news is that gas leaks are easy to detect. It is important to pay attention to the smells and sounds in the home. If someone smells an odor like rotten eggs, it is probably a gas leak. Turn the gas line off and call for emergency help right away.

Calling for repairs in a timely manner will help ensure that the system operates properly and efficiently now and in the future. Being informed, knowing the signs of an emergency issue will also pay off. Keep the information here in mind to make the right decision about when to invest in repairs or replacements for the unit. 

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