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What's a Boiler Warranty, and Do I Need One?

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When it comes to picking the right heating system, you have a variety of options. While many homeowners opt for a standard furnace, just as many select a boiler for their home heating needs.

The appeal of a boiler often lies in the system’s ability to heat a home more gently than its furnace counterpart. A boiler heats and moves water through pipes toward radiators and convectors instead of forcing air through your house.

Boilers are particularly popular in homes where residents suffer from allergies. Because they aren’t pushing air through the property, there’s less mold, pollen, dust, and debris to contend with.

Prioritizing Boiler Maintenance

No matter what type of heating system homeowners choose, the key to keeping it up and running comes down to maintenance. Boilers are no exception to the rule.

Boiler maintenance is a must for homeowners who want to extend the boiler’s life they’ve installed. Boiler maintenance is also essential for those who are looking to enhance system functionality year-round.

In addition to boiler maintenance, investing in a boiler warranty is also recommended at the time of installation. Where boiler maintenance improves system functionality, a boiler warranty can keep homeowners covered in an emergency.

Understanding the Purpose of a Boiler Warranty

While many homeowners have heard of boiler maintenance, a boiler warranty is more obscure. In general, a boiler warranty is a coverage issued by the boiler manufacturer.

The warranty states that the manufacturer will fully cover unexpected system failures for a certain amount of time. Coverage may involve repairing parts or providing a complete boiler replacement, depending on the situation.

Much like boiler maintenance appointments, a boiler warranty can provide homeowners well-deserved peace of mind. Knowing you’re covered in the event of an unexpected breakdown shortly after installation can make all the difference.

What Incidents Does a Boiler Warranty Cover?

The type of coverage a boiler warranty offers varies between manufacturers. That is why it’s so important for homeowners to check out their warranty options before purchasing a boiler for the home.

Different manufacturers offer varying levels of warranty coverage. That said, homeowners should expect package options at the time of purchase.

Most manufacturers provide customers with options to upgrade their warranty upon request. A standard warranty may only cover certain parts of the boiler. Investing a little more into the boiler warranty could help homeowners receive closer to total coverage.

It’s important to ask plenty of questions before committing to a certain brand of boiler. Taking time to understand warranty options before selecting can save homeowners time and money in the long run.

Useful Conditions and Terms Related to Boiler Warranty

Just as homeowners need to understand what technicians inspect during routine boiler maintenance, it’s good to be familiar with standard terms and conditions related to boiler warranty.

To be considered valid, you must register a boiler warranty within 30 days of installation. This registration is done directly with the manufacturer.

Homeowners should also be aware that the system needs to be installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer to qualify for a boiler warranty. Manufacturers rely on this condition to make sure the boiler was properly and safely installed the first time.

Manufacturers also require that any repairs performed on the boiler be carried out using approved parts. After installation, homeowners must have their system serviced annually to qualify for a warranty. This service needs to be done by a Gas Safe registered engineer as well.

Boiler Warranty vs. Boiler Policy

Understanding the difference between boiler warranty and boiler policy can save homeowners headaches down the road. A boiler warranty covers the boiler specifically. A boiler policy could potentially cover damages incurred to the home’s entire heating system.

Be Sure to Ask About Warranty Length

Much like the coverage offered under warranty, the length of each warranty is manufacturer-specific. The length of coverage can also fluctuate depending on the model of the boiler purchased.

Even if a warranty comes with a set timeline, it’s important to ask about extensions. Many manufacturers happily provide extended warranties at an additional cost to customers.

Do I Need a Boiler Warranty?

A boiler warranty isn’t a requirement when purchasing and installing a boiler. However, it is an important backup for homeowners who like to anticipate the unexpected.

Boiler warranty offers up additional coverage that takes the stress out of a boiler breakdown despite proper maintenance. It can be a financial relief to homeowners who know they will be living on a tight budget.

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