Electrician in Salem, NH

It’s nice to turn off the lights at the end of the day. But you don’t want your lights turning off because of an electrical problem. Knowing a good electrician in Salem, NH, can give you someone to turn to when your electrical system starts acting up. At Paul the Plumber, we don’t just take care of your plumbing! We also offer electrical services in Salem NH. 

Your Local Electrician in Salem NH

A residential electrician should be someone who not only fixes things when something goes wrong, but who is also there to make sure your electrical system stays in good condition. With our installation, repair, and maintenance services, we want your home to be safe from electrical problems. If you are looking for an electrician near Salem, contact our team of professional electricians!

Electrical Troubleshooting

Electrical problems should always be fixed as fast as possible. At Paul the Plumber, our local electrical troubleshooting is here for the times when you need answers right away. We can come and take a look at any part of your electrical system to make sure it’s working properly and to diagnose problems. 

Electrical Inspections

Do you know whether your home is up to code or not? If you’re worried about the state of your electrical system, having a licensed electrician come out and perform an inspection can put your mind at ease. It can also help you identify any areas that you need to have fixed or upgraded for the safety of your home.

Electrical Repairs and Installations

When something goes wrong with your electrical system, you’ll often have the choice between repairing the faulty component or having it replaced. Whether you need emergency electrical repairs or you want us to come for an installation, we focus on doing the job right so you can continue to enjoy safe and reliable electricity. 

Outlets and Switches

If your outlets and switches are outdated, it can become difficult to use modern appliances. Call us if you want to replace your old two-prong outlets or if you want to add dimming switches to your home. We can install and repair any type of outlet. 

Lighting Repair

Sometimes lighting problems go beyond just having to change a light bulb. When a new light bulb doesn’t solve the problem, you’ll need a repairman to fix your lighting. 

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a good way to make your home more comfortable whether it’s winter or summer. They can reduce the strain on your HVAC system and help circulate air. We offer ceiling fan installation and repair services in Salem. 

Smoke Detectors

If your smoke detectors aren’t up to date, it could be putting your family at risk. Let us come and take a look at them! We can inspect and repair your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, or install hardwired smoke detectors in your home. 

Generator Repair and Installation

When the power goes out, do you have a way to keep your home running? We offer top-quality generator repair and installation services. We can help you find the generator type that will work best in your situation, and then install it. We will also be here for regular maintenance to make sure you’re always ready for emergencies. 

Electrical Panel Services

Electrical panels could be at the root of many electrical problems in your home. Electrical panels can become insufficient to handle the load of all of your devices. They can also break down or need to be replaced from old age. Our company can handle repairs, upgrades, and installations for your panel.

Electrical Panel Upgrades and Installations

Do you still have a fuse box in your home? Do you have a Zinsco or Federal Pacific Electric panel? You may want to upgrade your panel as soon as possible. We offer the best electrical panel upgrades and installations in the area. 

Electrical Panel Repairs

Your flickering lights, tripping breakers, and other electrical problems might be able to be traced back to your electrical panel. Call an electrical contractor right away if you notice these signs or if your electrical panel feels warm to the touch.

Lighting Installation

One of the easiest ways to make improvements to your home is to update the lighting. Come to us for recessed lighting installation, outdoor lighting, light fixture installation, and more.

Indoor Lighting Installation

Today, efficient lighting is more affordable than ever before. Plus, you can invest in smart technology that will allow you to customize your lighting depending on the time of day. Let us modernize your home with our indoor lighting installation.

Outdoor Lighting Installation

If you want security lighting for the outside of your home, or any type of outdoor or landscape lighting, we are your source for quality outdoor lighting installations in Salem.

Whole Home Surge Protection

Protecting your home from power surges is something that you might not know a lot about. Call an electrician near you to find out what kind of surge protection your house needs. We recommend whole home surge protection for many situations.

Call an Electrician in Salem Today!

When your electrical system is giving you trouble, you need an electrician in Salem, NH who will take care of your whole home. At Paul the Plumber, we want you to be able to rest easy knowing that your home is safe from electrical fires or other problems. Give us a call or schedule a service online!