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How to Know an Evaporator Coil Needs Cleaning

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Clean Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coil cleaning is best performed by a qualified HVAC technician. It requires knowing how to take apart the air conditioner, clean the coils safely, and then put the unit back together again. It is important to clean AC evaporator coils around twice a year, sometimes more if any warning signs appear.

Dirty evaporator coils can cause the air conditioner to malfunction and eventually break down. In this blog, we go over three warning signs that the air conditioner needs professional coil cleaning. Having clean evaporator coils helps to keep the home at the ideal temperature and keep cooling costs low. 

Professional HVAC technicians use a solution of soapy water to gently remove grime away from the evaporator coils with a cloth. After cleaning, they usually use a specialized comb to fix the air conditioner coils back into the ideal shape to perform their job. 

Sign #1: Loss of Cooling Function

coolingOne of the most obvious signs of a problem with the evaporator coils is a loss of cooling function. Evaporator coils are an important part of how AC units cool the air. When the air is blown over the coils filled with refrigerant, the coils are so cold they lower the air temperature. Dirty evaporator coils can not perform their job efficiently. 

Cleaning the evaporator coils can instantly improve the cooling capabilities of the air conditioner. Not only does improving the cooling make the environment an ideal temperature faster, but it also cuts back on how much energy is required to do so. Clean coils help the air conditioner to do its job efficiently with minimal energy usage. 

Sign #2: Frozen Evaporator Coil

coilEvaporator coils can begin to freeze over if they are dirty. Frost beginning to form on the AC coils or on the outside of the unit is a sign that the evaporator coils need immediate maintenance. The frost is often caused by a lack of airflow due to a buildup of dirt and grime in the air conditioning system. 

Dirty evaporator coils make the heat exchange process less efficient, and the leftover moisture on the coils freezes. It is important to clean the evaporator coils to remove the frost before the buildup becomes corrosive. Once the evaporator coils begin to corrode, the refrigerant can leak out of tiny pinholes in the metal coils. 

Sign #3: AC Runs for Longer Cycles

If coils are dirty, the AC will run for a longer time to reach the same temperature because of inefficient performance. Homeowners may notice that their AC seems like it is always running or is struggling to cool the home efficiently. This is a sign that dirty evaporator coils could be negatively impacting the system’s performance. 

After professional coil cleaning services, homeowners usually notice that their homes cool down faster. Shorter run cycles mean less money spent on cooling costs as well. The more efficiently the air conditioner can run, the better the performance it can offer the home. Regular maintenance appointments with an experienced technician usually include coil cleaning.

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