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How to Keep the House Warm (and Green!) This St. Patty's Day

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Smart, Eco-Friendly Ways To Heat a Home

There are several ways that homeowners can enjoy a warm and eco-friendly home this St. Patrick’s day. It has taken a while for the technology of green energy to catch up and become affordable as feasible options to help heat homes today. There are also several tips that every homeowner can enact to help their home’s heating system function efficiently and properly for years to come. 

Change the Heater’s Filter

filter Changing the heater’s filter regularly is crucial, yet it is often easily overlooked. When a filter is not changed regularly (at least once every three months), it can begin to degrade the integrity of the system. When the filter starts to clog up, the efficiency of the system begins to go down. The longer the filter goes without being changed, the more the efficiency will suffer, and the more the heating bill will go up. 

Filter changes keep the system clean and allow everything else to function properly. If the filter isn’t changed regularly, the more the system struggles to operate properly. Perhaps most importantly, the air in the home gets dirty if the filter isn’t changed once every three months. 

Programmable Thermostat

thermostatProgrammable thermostats are a great way to keep a home’s heating system at peak efficiency. Some of these thermostats allow for zoning in the home, which can help keep the home’s heating and cooling bill down. They also provide efficiency in regards to the specific times and days that the system runs and to what temperature. This reduces redundancies and allows homeowners to even control the temperature from their smartphone. Homeowners no longer have to waste money heating their home when they are away when they can change the temperature with their phone. 

Smart thermostats can also learn from the homeowner’s schedule and act accordingly, turning on the heater before anyone ever gets home so the house will be comfortable when they arrive. They can also remind homeowners when it’s time to replace filters or schedule maintenance checks. 

Eco-Friendly Space Heaters Can Take Some of the Load Off the Heating System

Another great way to help the home get a little more green this St. Patrick’s day is to invest in an eco-friendly space heater. Like the technology of programmable thermostats, space heaters have come a long way in recent years. Space heaters that run off of electricity can save money, reduce carbon footprint, and keep homeowners warm all at once. 

When one decides to use a space heater in a room, they can either turn off or turn down the home’s heater. The space heater will use less energy (and cost less money) than running the whole home’s system. If the house uses a furnace, an electric space heater is much better for the environment than running the furnace all night just to heat one or two rooms where people are sleeping. 

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