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How to Flawlessly Avoid Low Water Pressure at Home Forever


Tips for Avoiding Low Water Pressure

Very few things are infinite. One of those things is the amount of information that is accessible due to the creation of the internet. People can learn about literally anything. There are countless resources for learning about historical events, how-to guides for building coffee tables and other household goods, research articles about how the human body works, and the list goes on.

Not to mention, professionals of all industries are sharing their tips and advice for various audiences. That includes professional plumbers helping to provide homeowners with the answers they seek and help them make better decisions for their homes, including how to deal with low water pressure.

The Biggest Triggers for Low Water Pressure

low water pressurePeople rarely think about the water pressure in their homes. It’s just one of those things that works perfectly and goes unnoticed. That is, until something goes wrong. Water pressure has a high level of influence when it comes to the quality of living, so low water pressure can make the house an irritable place to be.

Of course, trying to shower or bathe with low water pressure is hard to do, because the shampoo takes forever to rinse off! But other household tasks like washing dishes or doing laundry also become difficult with low water pressure.

One of the biggest triggers for low water pressure is a faulty fixture. As faucets and showerheads start to age, they get rusty or can become clogged with limestone or dirt. This causes low water pressure because it reduces the natural flow of water. Another common cause is a partially closed water valve. When the valve is not completely open, water cannot flow through easily.

This type of restriction can also cause low water pressure. Corroded plumbing and clogged water pipes are common causes as well, and if none of the above are true, then it could be due to an insufficient main supply line. When there isn’t enough water being supplied to the house, the water pressure will start to drop.

Fixing Low Water Pressure at the Source

As with most things in life, the solution to low water pressure depends on the cause. If the cause is a faulty fixture, this is a relatively easy and inexpensive fix to make because the homeowner or a plumber would just need to replace the fixture. However, if the cause of the low water pressure is because of corroded or clogged water pipes, the fixing process gets a bit more complex.

fix low water pressure

In cases like these, a professional would likely need to come and replace the corroded pipes or clear the clog. Even more complicated would be if the water supply line was the cause of the issue. This may require a call to city hall to determine if the water supply line needs to be replaced for the entire street or neighborhood.

Saying “Never Again” to Low Water Pressure

prevent low water pressureConducting simple and basic plumbing maintenance procedures is the best way to prevent low water pressure in the future. Intentionally take a look at the faucet fixtures every few months. If they start to corrode, and rust, replace them as soon as possible before it influences the water pressure.

Also, check the house’s water valves on a regular basis. Make sure that they are completely open and functioning properly. Finally, be mindful of what falls down the drain (such as hair). This can prevent clogs in the pipes from causing low pressure.

If low water pressure still continues to be a problem in the house, consult a professional plumber. They’ll have a deep understanding of what’s causing the problem and can provide advice for fixing and preventing it from happening again in the future.

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