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Do You Want to Learn How to Fix Your Central HVAC System?


Easy Ways to Repair Your Central HVAC System               

Is a broken or troubling HVAC system something you enjoy having? Of course not! If anyone enjoyed it when their HVAC system wasn’t working properly, then no one would even have one. No matter the time of year, it is always frustrating when your air stops working. When you go to work, you trust that when you get home your HVAC system will still be working properly and your house will feel comfortable the moment you walk in.

It is possible, however, for your system to malfunction and for you to fix the issue without the help of a professional. Sometimes, small issues don’t need to be looked at by an expert, and only require a little TLC from you instead. This article will teach you a few different ways to fix your HVAC system when it isn’t working as it should. Continue reading to learn more.

Check Drain Lines for Ice

If your HVAC system is having trouble running this winter season, there are a few things to check before you call a professional to come take a look. One of those things happens to be your condensate drain line. Your heater may be located indoors, but the drain line is out in the weather all year long.

ice melting

This can pose some problems during the winter months because condensation is a natural byproduct of the combustion process your furnace uses to create heat. This condensation freezes and causes blockages in your drain line and thus interrupts the heating process.

All you have to do is get to the perfect temperature to melt ice. You can try pouring hot water on the drain line or wrapping pocket hand warmers around the line. Both processes should get your drain line thawed out and your heat working again in no time.

Well-Maintained Outdoor Unit

If you don't clean your condenser unit, then it might have a layer of dirt and debris all over the cooling fins, then it isn’t going to run properly, if at all. It is equivalent to you wearing a wool coat and your body not being able to cool down because the wool is trapping in all the heat. In order for your air conditioner to continue for years to come, it is recommended you have these fins cleaned off every spring and your unit checked for any other issues before the demanding summer weather arrives.

cleaning hvacDo’s:
  • Scrub the cooling fins with a vacuum and scrub brush
  • Wipe it clean with a towel
  • Clean it with a long-handled duster


  • Use a water hose
  • The water pressure could bend the cooling fins

Schedule Yearly Maintenance

Getting your HVAC system checked for routine technical maintenance every year is recommended to reduce the risk of your HVAC breaking down. However, routine maintenance is different from preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance is what ensures your HVAC system is running as close to peak efficiency as possible.


When your HVAC running at peak efficiency, that means your energy bill is cheaper. It also means you could potentially have the same HVAC system longer than the average person because you take care of it. In a world where everyone is spending money everywhere, they look, save some money on your home appliances with preventative maintenance.

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