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At Paul The Plumber, affordable electrical services are just a click or a call away. We want our services to be accessible to the area's homeowners, and we look forward to working with you. When our customers call us during business hours, they'll speak to a real person—not a machine! This level of availability, along with our attention to detail and commitment to customer service, ensures that every property owner gets the help they need. Call or click today to schedule a routine or emergency visit from an electrician in Plaistow NH.

Electrical Repairs

When homeowners have electrical problems, it can quickly bring life to a screeching halt. These issues aren't just a big inconvenience; they can also be dangerous. An electrical problem can easily cause a nasty shock, or even worse, a devastating home fire. If you're noticing signs of trouble, it's important to act quickly. Let our licensed team members find the problem and resolve it the right way. Contact us to book an appointment with an electrician near Plaistow.

Panel Upgrades

A home's electrical panel is one of its most important parts. It serves as the heart of the electrical system, and it also connects a Plaistow home to the city's power grid. Because it is in constant use, an electrical panel must be able to support a certain amount of current—and if it can't, you'll have power outages, tripped breakers, and other, more dangerous problems. Here at Paul The Plumber, our trained and professional electricians will assess the condition of your panel and determine the need for repair or replacement. Get in touch with us for fast, friendly help from an electrician in Plaistow NH.

Circuit Installation

Your home's electrical system is an essential part of daily life. When renovations and upgrades are taking place, it may be necessary to add electrical circuits to support those changes. Without functional outlets, switches, fuses, and wiring, all the work you're doing may be for naught. We know just how important residential electrical systems are, and we're here to help the area's homeowners make their renovation projects a success. 

Aluminum Wiring Upgrades

Some of Plaistow's homes were built during the 1960s and 1970s, which means they likely have aluminum wiring. While the builders of the past used aluminum wiring because it was less expensive than that made of copper, that cost-cutting measure created significant hazards. Aluminum wiring is susceptible to deterioration and oxidation where it connects to light fixtures, outlets, junction boxes, and switches. While the resulting arcing and overheating won't trip circuit breakers, it will cause fires. Call today to learn how an electrician in Plaistow NH can modernize your home while bringing it into compliance with today's electrical codes.

Lighting Installation and Service

Our professional local electricians have the tools, equipment, and skills to install, repair, and maintain all kinds of lighting systems in Plaistow's homes. We can do the entire job ourselves or we can work with another contractor during renovations. Our licensed team will install and service fixtures that beautify your home and every space within.

Ceiling Fan Installation by an Electrician in Plaistow NH

Ceiling fans are a common fixture in the area's homes. While most problems seem like they come with easy fixes, that's not always the case. If you're in need of ceiling fan repair or replacement, call a top company that knows how to work with fans and electrical wiring. 

Whole House Surge Protection

If you've ever noticed flickering lights when using appliances and devices, it's likely that you're overloading the home's electrical circuits. When that happens, it's important to protect the rest of the system from the devastating effects of power surges. Contact an electrician near you to find out how a whole house surge protection system can minimize the risk of damage.

Residential Generators

It's impossible to predict natural disasters and severe weather events, which can leave Plaistow's homes without power. Investing in a standby generator will help local homeowners stay comfortable and safe even when the lights go out. Call today to learn all about our residential generator installation and maintenance services.

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When the area's homeowners need electrical wiring, circuit breaker upgrades, ceiling fan installation, generator service, surge protector installation, and lighting work, they know who to call. The team at Paul The Plumber has been serving the Plaistow area for years, and they would love to help you. Get more information by filling out our online form or call today to talk to a knowledgeable electrical repairman in your area.

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