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Dependable plumbing, heating and air conditioning solutions in North Hampton.

North Hampton is lucky to have weather you can rely on. But, of course, that doesn't mean we're guaranteed to have mild temperatures all year long. We know how humid it can get at the height of summer and how frosty the neighborhood can be when winter hits and the snow falls.

New Hampshire is beautiful, but it's easiest to appreciate its beauty from inside a home that can either cool you off or warm you up. So a functioning HVAC system is what you need to make sure your household can enjoy everything North Hampton has to offer. And Paul The Plumber is here for more than your pipes. We can service all aspects of your HVAC system to make sure it's ready when you are.

Below are only some of the ways we can work on improving the livability of your home.

AC Services

You should aim to get your air conditioner unit maintained once a year, even if it seems to be running fine. An AC tune-up is the best way to make sure your system is in top condition. Even the best appliances can be running a little better. At Paul The Plumber, we aim to get your unit in top working order.

Regular tune-ups can not only improve the lifespan of your system, but they can also let one of our technicians spot tiny problems before they get bigger. You don't want to wait until your system breaks down completely and requires a more expensive AC repair. A relationship made with Paul The Plumber guarantees that your unit will be taken care of however it needs to, with no trouble on your end.

AC Alternatives

Some houses in North Hampton, NH, don't have the ductwork required to install a traditional air conditioner. So for those homes or homes looking to cut down on energy use, ductless mini splits are a great alternative to keep you cool in the summer.

These ductless units are installed with a few simple holes dug into the wall. You can choose to install multiple units in different rooms around the house, which will make sure that you're only cooling the spaces you actually need to. That will substantially cut down the amount you spend on your energy bill from month to month.

Furnace Repair and Boiler Services

Furnace services are just as important as treating your AC. The best time to perform maintenance on your furnace is late summer or early fall when you're not likely to be using it that often. Our professionals at Paul The Plumber know what to look for to diagnose whether your furnace needs a simple tune-up or a more in-depth repair.

An easy way to tell that something's wrong is if your furnace is no longer blowing hot air. Bear in mind that your faulty unit may also be using far more energy to work half as well (or not to work at all), so it's important that you know how efficient your system is and that you repair it promptly. If you're not certain what your unit needs, one of our technicians can perform a furnace inspection and diagnose a problem that day.

Boiler Services

Many benefits come from remembering to maintain your home's boiler. Just like your heater or air conditioner, investing in annual boiler maintenance and inspection appointments will make sure it's running as efficiently as possible. It will also keep it from breaking down at the worst possible time, forcing you to pay more to get it back running.

Plus, when it comes to your warranty, proof that you've been working on your boiler for as often as you're supposed to will make sure you're still covered if something does go wrong. And if that worst-case scenario does rear its ugly head, our team at Paul The Plumber is there to help.

Paul The Plumber in North Hampton, NH

If you've searched the web for "plumbers near me," you've probably heard of our plumbing prowess across New Hampshire. From drain cleaning to fixture installation, we've made a name for ourselves in all things piped. But, unlike our competitors in the area, we're also masters in all aspects of HVAC maintenance.

Regardless of what you call us to do, we bring the same work ethic to all of our jobs. We believe in creating peace of mind for all of our clients. That means being honest in our recommendations and transparent throughout the job itself. We're not aiming to do what'll get us the most money. At the end of the day, we want the knowledge that we're making homes in North Hampton, NH, a little more comfortable.

So for HVAC and plumbing, call Paul The Plumber today, and we'll get your home feeling great tomorrow.

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