Water Softener Services in Nashua

Improve the water quality in your home and protect yourself from damaging hard water with a water softener installation from your local experts at Paul The Plumber.

Most families realize that water quality is important for a healthy and happy home. In many cases, however, your water may be impacted by microscopic impurities that may be causing unseen damage in your home. Does your water have a strange odor or are there stains that simply won’t scrub off in the tub or toilet? Chances are you might be dealing with hard water. At Paul The Plumber, we rise above the other water softener repair companies in the Nashua, NH area, offering honest advice, quality workmanship, and flat-rate pricing. We only use the highest quality units on the market and can ensure your home has soft and usable water in every fixture.

Looking for more water filtration system options? We can help you find the ideal unit that works for your specific water quality concerns.

What Is Hard Water?

Depending on the water filtration practices at the city level, your home can have trace amounts of impurities. If your water is hard, it means that the water is full of minerals like calcium, magnesium, and limescale. This generally happens because water is passing through layers of these minerals before reaching your water system. Unless there’s a filtration system in place, that same hard water will make its way into your home.

Some of the effects of hard water can include:

  • Scale Buildup: Hard water leaves a residue in your plumbing as it passes through called scale. Over time, these small mineral deposits can become much larger, eventually blocking the pipe completely. Not only does this create blockages, but also it can lower the water pressure in your home.
  • Hard Water Stains: Stains are a big problem when it comes to hard water. In your bathroom that can mean a yellow ring in the toilet or tub. In the kitchen, you’re looking at dishes with spots that simply won’t go away. Eventually, these stains can become permanent, requiring constant replacement.
  • Faded Clothing: While you might only think about your kitchen and bathroom, your washing machines are also using that same hard water. If the color of your clothes is fading or it’s deteriorating more quickly, hard water could be to blame.
  • Skin Irritation: Hard water is relatively safe; however, it may still impact your health. Dry or irritated skin is a common issue stemming from poor water quality that should be monitored closely. Depending on your sensitivity, it could become unbearable.

A water softener is essentially a filtration device that is installed at the main water supply for your home. Any water that enters goes through the filtration process, softening it, and limiting the risk for any of the above issues.

The Benefits of Whole House Water Softeners

Water softeners use salt resin beads in order to break down the mineral content in your water supply. These smart devices can easily be programmed and are simple to maintain as well. Some of the perks of a whole house water softener include:

  • Improved water quality.
  • Dishes that are easier to clean - with fewer spots.
  • Stronger water pressure throughout your home.
  • More vibrant clothing and extended lifespan.
  • Added property value.

In addition to our water softener installations, we also offer ongoing maintenance and upkeep. Water softeners require periodic rock salt replacement. In most cases, your unit will have an indicator that will warn you when levels are low. However, if you need help, our Nashua, NH plumbing experts are here to help!

Has hard water caused scale buildup in your plumbing? Be sure to ask about our hydro jetting services, and get your pipes clean and free-flowing again today!

Water Softener Installation & Repair Service

At Paul The Plumber, we’ve been serving homeowners in your neighborhood since 2002! We understand the water quality concerns that face homeowners throughout the Nashua area, which makes us uniquely qualified to offer water softener installation and repair service. Water quality shouldn’t be a luxury, it’s an important aspect of home upkeep, and our plumbing contractors are here to help.

With our flat-rate pricing and honest advice, you can count on us for a stress-free and personalized solution.

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