Slab Leak Repair Service in Nashua

Is a hidden water leak causing unseen damage in your home? Paul The Plumber is here to help, with our reliable slab leak detection and repair service!

Most homeowners know the dangers of a water leak and how to spot puddles of water around a faucet. However, there are other leaks known as slab leaks, which can be harder to detect but just as damaging. These leaks are under the slab foundation of your home, which is how they get their name. They can be tougher to detect and working with a slab leak detection expert is essential. At Paul The Plumber, we are your Nashua, NH leak repair pros. We use the latest tools and techniques to accurately locate any leak, limiting damage and ensuring you get a long-term solution for your home.

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How Is a Slab Leak Different?

Most water leaks happen in an area you can see them, like around a faucet or underneath your water heater. Usually, you spot them before they become major issues, and you limit any damage done to your home. A home foundation leak is different because it occurs under your home. These leaks are caused by issues like corrosion from the soil, poorly installed plumbing, or general age.

In some cases, they can also stem from construction damage. Whether you’re digging in your yard for a new pool or accidentally excavated too close to an older pipe, you can cause severe damage without even realizing it. Even the smallest leak can cause your foundation to crack or sag, while also increasing your utility costs in the process.

Common Slab Leak Symptoms

While slab leak detection is always the best way to determine if you have an issue, there are some basic warning signs you can look for that’ll help you know when it’s time to call a plumber. This can include:

  • Increased Water Bills: Even the smallest leak will cause increased utility costs. Be sure to pay attention to your bill - if you’re noticing a constant increase, it may be time to have your plumbing inspected.
  • Hot or Cold Floor Spots: While a hot spot on the floor may be a welcome surprise on those cold mornings, it’s likely caused by a damaged hot-water pipe under the floor. Any strange hot or cold spots in your flooring are a cause for concern.
  • Sound of Running Water: Do you hear running water even when you know all your fixtures are closed. No, your home isn’t haunted; you may have a water leak causing the sound.
  • Low Water Pressure: If water is constantly leaking out in one area, chances are less water is reaching all your fixtures. If you notice low water pressure throughout your home, a slab leak could be to blame.
  • Foundation Damage: Check-in and around your home for any foundation damage. This can include minor leaks in your floor or give you home a sagging look.

In terms of damage, the biggest concern you should have for your Nashua, NH home is damage to the actual slab. While a simple crack can likely be replaced, if your foundations have sagged or shifted, the structural integrity of your home is at risk. Additionally, that sagging can put additional strain on other underground plumbing, leading to more issues down the line.

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Reliable Foundation Leak Detection & Repair

At Paul The Plumber, we offer reliable foundation leak detection service to help you protect your home. Using the latest leak detection methods, like video camera inspections, our plumbers are able to find the source of your leak accurately and quickly. In most cases, we can offer a spot repair or an epoxy covering, for those minor leaks. This will patch the pipe and protect your home from further damage. If, however, the leak is more severe, there may be a need for pipe replacement or rerouting to keep your plumbing flowing without touching that trouble area.

No matter what solution you choose, you can count on our plumbing contractors for honest advice and flat-rate pricing. Our goal is to provide you with total peace of mind in your home.

Do you hear the sound of running water even when no fixtures are open? You may have a slab leak in your Nashua, NH home. Call us at 603-437-7039 to schedule leak detection and slab leak repair service today!