Kitchen Plumbing Services in Nashua

The kitchen is the heart of the home - make sure it’s working at its best with expert plumbing service from Paul The Plumber.

Most homeowners can agree that the kitchen is one of the most used areas of your home. From cooking family dinner to hosting your friends, your kitchen plumbing system plays an integral role. This is why dealing with an issue like a leaky faucet or a clogged kitchen drain can seem like such a hassle. At Paul The Plumber, we are your reliable Nashua, NH plumbing service company. Not only can we address common issues like leaks and clogs, but also we can help you upgrade the look and functionality of your kitchen with services like fixture replacements and sink installs. No matter what your home needs may be, you can count on our staff for help.

Routine drain cleaning is an important part of home plumbing maintenance. Be sure to ask our staff whether it’s the right time for your home today!

Top Signs Your Garbage Disposal Needs Repair

If you’re a big fan of cooking, chances are you use your garbage disposal on a daily basis. Whether you’re getting rid of kitchen scraps or helping your sink drain more quickly, your disposal is a central appliance.

Unfortunately, like any appliances, it may require repair from time to time. Some common symptoms include:

  • Jams: Are kitchen scraps getting stuck in the disposal? It might be because the scraps you’re throwing down the sink are too large or your disposal is on the older side. Dull blades are a common occurrence and should be addressed by a pro.
  • Slow Drainage: The garbage disposal helps to keep debris out, so your sink can drain more quickly. If your sink is constantly clogging and your disposal isn’t doing much to help, an upgrade may be needed.
  • Noises: Garbage disposals are hardly the quietest appliance in your home, but they should still not make any abnormal noise. Screeching, grinding, and scraping are all signs that something is loose or damaged in your unit.
  • Power Issues: Is your garbage disposal not turning on? Does it stop mid-use? Because garbage disposals are electrical components, they can easily suffer from electrical issues. Whether it’s loose wiring or a damaged motor, it needs to be addressed by an expert.
  • Leaks: There is a seal around the mouth of the garbage disposal that helps prevent water from leaking into your cabinets. If that seal is damaged, old, or you’re noticing pools of water inside your cabinet, you should contact a plumber immediately.

At Paul The Plumber, we are your reliable garbage disposal repair company. Not only can our technician address all the issues above, but in those worst-case scenarios, we can also help you find a replacement unit that works for your home needs.

Should You Replace Your Kitchen Sink?

Whether you realize it or not, your kitchen sink is a focal point in your kitchen. Because of this, it can be one of the easiest ways to upgrade the look and feel of your kitchen. A sink that’s old, cracked, stained, or simply not practical should be replaced. Our Nashua, NH plumbing contractors can help you find the ideal sink installation option.

Whether you’re looking for a farmhouse sink with a stylish front or an undermount sink that’s simply larger than your current setup, our staff can help.

Best of all, we also address any underlying plumbing connections and issues as well, ensuring that you have seamless functionality. That means no leaks, no loose connections, and a perfectly installed kitchen sink that will be the talk of all your parties.

Looking to upgrade other sections of your home? Be sure to ask about our bathroom remodeling services. We can make your dream bathroom a reality!

The Perks of Upgraded Kitchen Fixtures

Not all kitchen plumbing repairs need to be an emergency fix or hassle. Investing in your kitchen is the best way to add value and functionality. Whether you’re opting for a fixture replacement or faucet installation, you’ll be able to enjoy a few perks, including:

  • Water-saving performance.
  • Improved water pressure.
  • Added features like touch faucets.
  • More modern look.
  • Additional fixtures like pot fillers or bars.

At Paul The Plumber, our goal is to provide you with the very best plumbing care around. We understand the importance of the kitchen, which is why we offer quality workmanship and flat-rate pricing. Call us today to experience service with a smile!

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