Water Line Services in Nashua

No one wants to deal with the emergency of a bust pipe. This is why Paul The Plumber offers emergency services, to be there when you need us most!

Everyone knows that flooding in your home can cause thousands of dollars of property damage. This is why a burst pipe is considered an emergency. Because once a pipe bursts, water can quickly flood your space. This is why it’s important to have a plumber you can trust, like Paul The Plumber. We’re your Nashua, NH plumbing experts and are there especially for emergencies like a burst pipe. We arrive on-time and offer honest advice to help you find the best burst pipe repair solution for your home.

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Tips to Prevent Burst Pipes

Like most things in life, prevention is key, and the same holds true for dealing with burst pipes. Having a burst pipe repaired by an expert is great, but it’s better to avoid a burst pipe altogether when possible. Some steps you can take to help prevent burst pipes include:

  • Replacing any old pipes in your home or repiping entire rooms or residences if needed.
  • Having your pipes regularly inspected and cleaned by a professional to keep them free from clogs that may lead to cracks and decay.
  • Leaving your water running at a trickle during winter to keep the water from freezing in your pipes and causing them to crack.

Watching for potential burst pipe problems means you’ll be ready to call a trusted expert to repair any problems before they become an emergency.

The Benefits of Winterizing Your Pipes

Winters in Nashua, NH definitely have their moments of frigid air. And one of the most common causes of burst pipes are freezing temperatures. If your pipes are not properly insulated, the water inside of them can freeze when the temperatures drop. When water freezes, it expands, which causes the pipe to crack or break. Then, when the ice melts and becomes liquid again, the pipe leaks or fully bursts, leading to a flood of water in your home.

Winterizing the pipes and plumbing in your home can help prevent frozen pipes from happening. When you winterize your plumbing, it prevents the cold outside air affecting your pipes. You should winterize your pipes every season, which includes:

  • Disconnect any hoses and pipes outside and turn off the water source for them.
  • Protect your sprinkler system and your main water system with the required insulation needed for your specific home.
  • Fix any leaks, as even small leaks can easily turn larger once the water freezes.
  • Insulate your pipes, both indoors and out, to help prevent them from freezing when the weather turns cold.

If you’d rather not deal with the hassle of winterizing your plumbing system, then call a professional to handle it for you! Our Residential Service Specialists can winterize your system and grant you peace of mind during the coldest seasons.

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Your Water Line Pros

A burst pipe is an emergency situation no homeowner wants to deal with, and since they tend to happen most frequently in the winter, they can not only be costly to repair but even more difficult to clean up. This is why understanding what causes pipes to burst and properly winterizing your system is so important.

Paul The Plumber are experts at water line services and repairs and can even winterize your Nashua home’s pipes for you. We’ll keep your pipes in working order and prevent any problems in the future, all while providing service with a smile.

Burst pipes are one of the most damaging plumbing issues you can face in your Nashua, NH home. When these issues crop up, call us at 603-437-7039 we are available and always offer long-lasting plumbing repairs.