Bathroom Remodeling Services in Nashua

Make your dream bathroom a reality with expert remodeling services from your local plumbing pros.

Few areas of your home can affect your daily routine quite like your bathroom. Any time there’s a plumbing issue, you could be left without the ability to use the toilet, shower, or even brush your teeth. More often than not, these issues stem from outdated plumbing and fixtures. For homeowners in Nashua, NH, Paul The Plumber is here to help. As your trusted bathroom remodeling contractors, we can make your dream bathroom a reality. Whether you’re looking for a full overhaul with modern features like steam showers or simply need a faucet replacement here and there, our staff is by your side.

Ensure your new bathroom is working at its best with an upgraded water heater installation. These units are energy-efficient and improve your comfort with every usage!

Common Bathroom Plumbing Issues

A bathroom renovation always starts with an assessment of your existing plumbing infrastructure. While you might only focus on the backsplash and the new fixtures you’ll have installed, you want to be sure all those minor details are taken care of. For one, addressing pipe quality is important. Older plumbing is more susceptible to leaks and may not be able to accommodate your new fixtures and appliances. Additionally, if pipe rerouting is needed to connect something new in your bathroom, that will also have to be addressed.

Another bathroom plumbing issue you may not be thinking about is clogs and low-pressure concerns. If, for example, you’re planning a shower installation with multiple nozzles, low water pressure will quickly leave you without access to enough water.

Our plumbing contractors will always take the time to inspect and address any plumbing issues before we start on major installations, making the most of your renovation project.

Should You Replace Your Shower or Tub?

One of the largest fixtures in your bathroom is likely the shower or tub. Not only do they take up a lot of space, but also they can add tons of comfort and functionality to your master bath. If you have a run of the mill undermount tub or a basic shower, it may be time for a bathtub replacement.

At Paul The Plumber, our Nashua, NH plumbing experts always work with your needs in mind, but also offer tons of upgrade options, including:

  • Alcove Bathtubs: One of the more common options for bathroom renovations, an alcove tub is surrounded by an enclosure and often attached to a wall. These tubs can still be upgraded with modern fixtures and design elements, helping you accent your bathroom upgrade.
  • Free-Standings Tubs: Whether it’s that timeless claw foot design or a modern free-standing tub that’s installed in front of a large window, these tub installations are about one thing - freedom. While some plumbing adjustments may be needed, they’ll offer you the functionality and style you want.
  • Thermostatic Mixer Showers: These advanced shower options use pre-set controls to find you the exact water temperature down to the degree. They can be set in advance, and often have additional nozzles and fixtures inside for a full-body shower experience.
  • Rainfall or Walk-in Showers: If you have space, a walk-in shower can have an open design and makes getting in and out convenient. Upgrade that with a rainfall showerhead, and you’ll have a touch of luxury anytime you shower in your home.

A bathroom remodeling project is all about making those luxurious additions a reality. Your shower or tub is the main fixture in your bathroom, so make sure you get it right with an expert plumber on your side.

Worried that your old plumbing may not be able to accommodate your bathroom upgrade? Ask about our whole-home repiping services, and upgrade your home’s plumbing system once and for all.

The Benefits of Bathroom Renovations

While a bathroom renovation can be an investment in your home, it’s one that offers tons of benefits. Some can include:

  • Added Property Value
  • Improved Performance
  • Lower Water Usage
  • Stronger Water Pressure
  • Accessibility Upgrades

At Paul The Plumber, our goal is to provide you with honest advice, pricing, and quality workmanship. We can make any bathroom renovations a possibility, ensuring your family gets the comfort and performance they need.

From rainfall showerheads to new sinks, our bathroom remodeling contractors can make your dream a reality. Call us at 603-437-7039 to learn more about our bathroom plumbing services.