Oil Burner Repair & Installation in Nashua

If you are in need of oil burner repair, don’t worry. Paul The Plumber is here to help. We have made it easy to make an appointment for the home services that you need.

There are a few common types of heating systems that you will find in most homes, one of them being the oil burner heating system. Oil burners and gas burners work similarly and rely on the ignition within a chamber to create heat that is then pushed out through the vents of the house. If you have an oil burner system in your house you may be in need of oil burner services, which is where Paul The Plumber is here to help. Our technicians are the best in Nashua and always show up promptly on time for your service appointment, ensuring your Nashua, NH home is kept comfortable and warm.

Have a traditional heating system like a furnace? Be sure to schedule an annual tune-up and rest easy knowing your system will be ready for winter.

How Do Oil Burners Work?

Oil burners are a type of heating system that works by heating up and igniting oil. The heat generated from burning the oil is what heats the house. Paul The Plumber technicians are experts at all kinds of heating systems including oil burners. Oil burners may heat the air, the water, or both. Oil burners work much in the same way that a gas burner would as well.

What Are the Signs That Your Oil Burner Needs Repairs?

If you need oil burner repairs, Paul The Plumber can help. Repairing an oil burner yourself can be extremely dangerous which is why it is absolutely essential to leave repairs and installation of a new oil burner up to the professionals. If you are not sure whether or not your oil burner needs repairs you should check for the following common signs that your oil burner needs repairs.

  • Increased Energy Bills: If the costs of heating the house are going up for no reason, this could be because there is something wrong with the heating system.
  • It Is Not Hot: If the oil burner is failing to heat the air in the house or heat the water in the faucet, this could indicate that something is broken inside of the unit and in need of repair.
  • There Are Weird Noises: Sometimes one of the first indicators that there is something wrong with the oil burner is that it will make a funny noise. If there are strange noises coming from the oil burner, this could be an issue that is dangerous and you need to get it checked out by a heating and cooling contractor ASAP.

While oil burner repair should always be left to the experts, it’s still important to know when a service call is needed. At Paul The Plumber, our expert staff offers reliable service and is always ready to help restore heat and comfort to your Nashua, NH home!

Realizing you have no heat in the middle of winter can be overpowering. At Paul The Plumber, we offer emergency service for just that occasion!

What Are the Benefits of Installing a New Oil Burner?

When you install a new oil burner in your home you can rest assured that the safety of the heating has just gone up versus an old unit. Not only is a new heating system safer, but a new oil burner will save you money on your utilities as well. New systems will work more efficiently than old ones, which is important when it comes to saving you money on your utility bills. Here is a list of a few of the benefits of installing a new oil burner or replacing an old oil burner.

  • Save money on your utility bills.
  • Better for the environment.
  • Less time and money spent on repairs.
  • Heat the house faster and more efficiently.