Heat Pump Services in Nashua

Tired of your heat pump system acting up? Paul The Plumber can replace or repair your heat pump and ensure your home is winter-ready!

If you are looking for the most eco-friendly and efficient way to heat and cool your home, you should consider a heat pump system. Heat pumps can use less than half the amount of energy of other heating and cooling systems. At Paul The Plumber, we offer complete home services including heat pump repair and installations. Our technicians are always on time, leave your house exactly how you left it and offer reliable service you can depend upon. As the leading heating service company in Nashua, NH, you can put your trust in our staff.

Sticking with a traditional heating system? Make sure it’s working at its best with routine furnace tune-ups and care from our heating pros.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

A heat pump system is a particular kind of heating and cooling system. A lot of people prefer these over a traditional heating system. They work differently in the summer and the winter, and the heat pump system is the main system for both heating and cooling.

The heat pump will “pump” the heat out of the house during the summer to help keep it cool. A heat pump air conditioning system works just like other air conditioning systems in that it also uses refrigerant to cool the air.

To keep the house warm during the winter the heat pump works to extract the warmth from the air and ground around it. Heat pump heating systems work the opposite of an air conditioner, and instead of using a refrigerant to cool the air, they use the air to suck the heat out and pump it into your home.

Benefits of Heat Pump Installation

There are some benefits to upgrading to a heat pump system instead of traditional heating. If you are in need of an HVAC replacement you may want to consider switching over to a heat pump heating and cooling system. Here are a few benefits of an upgrade:

  • Heat Pumps Are Eco-Friendly: There is a lot less energy that is used to heat and cool the house with a heat pump system than there is with a traditional HVAC unit. Switching to a heat pump system is better for the environment. In addition to being better for the environment, you will also save money by conserving energy.
  • Heat Pumps Are Safer: Traditional heating can be dangerous, especially if it is an old unit and it has faulty parts. Upgrading to a new heat pump system will make the house safer. Heat pumps do not use high temperatures or fire as some heating systems do.
  • There May Be Government Incentive: Because heat pumps are so eco-friendly, you may be able to get a rebate just for installing them in your home. The experts at Paul the Plumber can help you determine what is the best option for you.

At Paul The Plumber, we help you through the entire installation process. From choosing your new unit to getting it hooked up for optimal performance, our goal is a seamless and convenient experience. With over 20 years of service in the Nashua, NH area, you can put your trust in our staff.

Looking for more alternative heating solutions? We also offer radiant heating systems, which ditch air altogether and use heated panels to keep you cozy in your home.

Heat Pump Installation and Repair Experts

Paul The Plumber has the most knowledgeable and experienced heat pump installation, heat pump replacement, and repair experts in the Nashua area. We can work with you to figure out what the best financing options are for you to provide your family with the heating and cooling that they deserve.

Heat pump installation and repairs should be left up to the pros, and here at Paul The Plumber we are devoted to the safety and comfort of our communities. Call us today and we will be happy to give you a quote on heat pump installation or heat pump repair for your Nashua, NH home.