Dehumidifier Services in Nashua

Avoid the discomfort of humidity in your home by installing a whole-house dehumidifier!

Summers in Nashua, NH can cause humidity levels to spike in your home. Excessive moisture makes you feel sticky and uncomfortable, and can also contribute to mold and bacterial growth around your home. Your home’s air conditioner is designed to remove some humidity from the air but often it can’t keep up with the demand, especially in the summer. Because it can’t remove enough moisture from the air, the AC must work harder to try and keep you cool. Installing a whole-home dehumidifier can prevent high levels of humidity in your indoor environment, keeping you cool and safe.

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Signs of Excess Humidity

The need for a dehumidifier typically manifests during the summer, but knowing how to identify those problem signs is important. Although a dehumidifier installation should always be left to the pros, you’ll know when to call if anything of the following is happening in your home.

  • Clammy skin
  • Musty odors
  • Mold growth
  • Respiratory infection
  • Cracked or swollen woodwork and furniture
  • High utility bills

Benefits of Dehumidifier Installation

Installing a whole-home dehumidifier can have many positive effects. Most importantly, reducing excessive humidity will protect your health. Excessive humidity contributes greatly to the growth of mold, fungus, and bacteria. Any microbial growth is bad for your health but it is particularly dangerous when it grows in your AC ducts.

Comfort is another benefit of installing a dehumidifier. High humidity interferes with our body’s natural cooling systems, making us feel warmer and clammy. When we feel warm we automatically turn the thermostat down to turn on the air conditioner. This causes our air conditioners to work overtime trying to keep us comfortable and raises the utility bills.

Keeping humidity under control is also important for the structure and furniture of your home. Wood swells when subjected to high humidity. If you have wood or laminate floors, they could be in danger of buckling when they swell. Additionally, antiques and wood furniture can swell to the point that they get damaged when subjected to high humidity.

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Your Dehumidifier Repair Pros!

Like any other system, dehumidifiers require routine maintenance and occasionally need repairs. Since dehumidifiers operate similarly to air conditioning units, their maintenance items are also similar. Keeping filters clean is crucial to increasing the lifespan of your dehumidifier and also ensures that your dehumidifier is operating efficiently and constantly cleaning your indoor air.

Calling the pros at Paul The Plumber can guarantee you’re getting the most out of your air conditioner and whole-home humidifier. During a routine inspection, we will change your filters, clean condensate drains, and make any repairs needed. By taking these steps, we can help your system have a long and problem-free life.

Is your home susceptible to musty odors and mold growth? You may be dealing with high humidity levels. Call Paul The Plumber in Nashua, NH at 603-578-1100 today. We are your dehumidifier installation pros!