Refrigeration Leak Repair Services in Nashua

Inefficient air conditioning system? A refrigerant leak may be to blame. If your AC unit is leaking refrigerant we can diagnose and fix the problem in no time!

One of the common issues that arise with air conditioning systems is a refrigerant leak. This is a simple fix, but if it is left unattended, it can cause damage to the system. Paul The Plumber’s HVAC experts can easily locate the source of the leak and repair it. Our technicians are some of the best around, always leaving your Nashua, NH house exactly how they found it and showing up for your appointment on time. If you suspect that your unit is leaking air conditioner refrigerant, give us a call today!

If your freon is leaking, damaged evaporator coils could be to blame. We offer evaporator coil cleaning and repair to help!

What Are the Signs of a Refrigerant Leak?

If you suspect that your AC unit has a refrigerant leak, there are a few things that you can check to know for sure.

  • Poor Cooling Power: A decrease in cooling power may indicate an AC refrigerant leak. This might translate into fluctuating air temperatures or an air conditioner that takes longer than usual to completely cool your home.
  • Ice Buildup: Refrigerants must be warmed to return to a liquid state, and if there is a leak there may not be enough power in the system to warm the refrigerant. This means it will freeze over the parts of the AC unit. If there is frost, ice, and moisture around the coil of the unit this is a clear indicator that you may have a refrigerant leak.
  • Strange Noises: Another sign of a refrigerant leak is a hissing noise coming from the unit. When the refrigerant is in a gas form it creates a hissing noise when it is released through a hole (the leak). If you can hear the leak, then you know you need to fix it.

How Can Low Refrigerant Affect Your Home?

If there is low refrigerant it will make it harder to cool the home or it may not change the temperature of the air at all. Running the AC unit without enough refrigerant will waste money on energy bills, and could even cause damage to your AC unit if left unrepaired long enough.

  • Increased energy bills
  • Air conditioner blowing warm air
  • There are health concerns

Coming into contact with refrigerants can be dangerous for people in your family, so if there is a leak it is important to have it repaired by a trusted AC contractor as soon as possible. Paul The Plumber has the tools, insurance, and expertise to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Dealing with an emergency cooling situation in your home? Our technicians are available for emergency service and will help you when you need it most.

Leak Detection Methods and Repairs

If there is low refrigerant in the system and this is causing the system to run inefficiently, doing a freon recharge can temporarily solve the problem but if the leak is not fixed the refrigerant will quickly become low once again.

An expert technician from Paul The Plumber will quickly detect the source of the leak and repair it. While we are at it we can also tune up the system and detect any other problems that may be causing the system to run inefficiently. Freon replacement can be done on older units to upgrade their performance.

Is your air conditioner leaking refrigerant in your Nashua, NH home? Call Paul The Plumber at 603-578-1100. Our HVAC experts will have your air conditioning unit running to its optimal performance in no time.